What is MEM?
Real-Natural, no synthetic preservatives or fragrances
Organic-Botanic, using majority plant based ingredients
Handcrafted in microbatch formulations
Soap-free and gluten-free products
Naturally cruelty-free with Vegan choices
MEM is dedicated to a minimal packaging ethos.
No inner or outer waste packaging.
Respect for the planet.
A care-taking approach to our environment.
Making choices to benefit a healthy future. 

microbatch formulations

MEM is not just small batch, it’s micro batch.

Each blend, potion or balm is produced with

conscious, directed intention.

I source, formulate, blend, bottle, cure, label and wrap every single item in my range with love and attention . This is done so that you discover the magic of self connection; nurtured on all levels of your Being, blessed by the highest vibrational energy available.


simple rituals

Lovingly taking care of You radiates out into your life

and into the world we exist in.

Acts of care and appreciation that we perform regularly, with heart connection, conscious attention and high quality energy, become the invisible web of energetic support that creates positive change and lasting good health.

real natural

When it comes to natural products, MEM means this with passion and integrity. There are never any petrochemicals or derivatives used and each ingredient is ethically sourced direct from nature as possible. This practice ensures a naturally cruelty free product. You will not find any toxins like parabens or similar harsh chemicals in any of the products, as I believe they simply do not belong in our personal care products.


ingredients & ethos

MEM utilizes the best Mother Nature has to offer in the form of pure botanicals woven with crystal and flower essences, and the heartfelt consciousness of holistic philosophy, using energetic imprinting techniques within the production of each batch. Because MEM's products are made using nutrient dense components, they do not contain filler ingredients, meaning you use less per application, which provides better value and ultimately uses less packaging. Clever huh?

Let's talk

Interested in becoming a stockist?
MEM is a microbatch formulator making these products a perfect fit to suit boutique businesses.

I'm always looking for like minds to collaborate with

and would love to speak with you.


I am so grateful for the support of stockists, clients and customers

and sincerely value the connections made via Magic Earth Mumma.

Selected products are available at:

Kindred Toxin Free Facials - Bulimba Qld.

Glitterazzi - Melbourne, Vic. (Glitter and Shimmer Balms)

Naturally Cruelty-free

Committed to Clean Beauty

No excess packaging

Soapfree Skincare Specialist

Magic Earth Mumma is an Australian owned and operated business,

using ethically produced ingredients that are completely natural and organic.

Need it quickly?

EXPRESS POST AUSTRALIA available from only $13.00.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

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