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'... real change takes time'.

The range I've always wanted to bring into being, one that transforms any skin type, condition or phase. Transformation is always occurring. We are evolutionary Beings, developing physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, so our personal care needs to be adaptable, fluid and easy to use, whatever episode of life we are moving through.

Metamorphosis is about using your time wisely to engage in personal care that acts as cocoon, chrysalis, stasis and catalyst, helping you to emerge into abundant vibrancy, health and wellbeing.

Created with over two decades of research and development, this simple range of items is a full holistic palette to compliment your lifestyle with products that serve several purposes, yet when combined, form a weave of support on all levels of You.

Image by Johannes Mändle
butterfly perched on flower_edited.jpg

Chrysalis - a fluid of transformation. 

Cucumber Seed Oil with a selection of clearing and cleansing extracts that soothe, soften, repair and refine.

For everyday maintenance or calming rejuvenation from damaged skin episodes. Chrysalis provides the amrita, ambrosia, nectar, of transformation to work gently and effectively on all kinds of skin.

Flight - a mist of light and air.

Incredibly lifting and enhancing for skin, hair and spirit, combining Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts with Silver, Hyaluronic Acid and the delicate scent of Organic Rose & Lavender Hydrosols. The elixir to revive and refresh. Skin plumping, emotionally restorative and it adds a sheen to lack-lustre locks.

Cocoon - a masque of repair and rejuvenation.

A versatile masque cleanser combining the magic of Kaolin, Cucumber, Green Tea, Honey, Silver and Spirulina. When removed, it reveals something new, bright and ready to begin again.

Metamorphosis - the scent of quiet euphoria.

An expanse of fresh water, delicate florals and light botanical musk. Calming yet electrifying, it is the lighting seen from a distance, a blinding flash inside the clouds, the energy of the storm before it breaks, the smell of rain, the gnosis of nurturance, the sweetness of fresh water sipped from crystal.

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