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Thankyou for taking the opportunity to be a part of the Earth Magic Private Forum!

I'm so pleased you are here :)

So why a private group just for Feng Shui? Because most people I've connected with over the last five years through the portal of Magic Earth Mumma have come here for aromatherapy, botanical perfumery and holistic skincare and I used to operate my Feng Shui consultancy separately, but decided last year to combine the two enterprises, as the use of non-toxic personal care is entwined with living a higher quality life.


High Quality Qi (energy in all forms) = High Quality Experiences.
A simple yet profound equation...

High Quality Qi also creates Peace and Harmony, and they look and feel different for everyone, but generally, it's about security and safety. That's why at the Centre of the Bagua (that eight sided figure you'll see a lot in Feng Shui paraphernalia) represents Pure Potential but correspondingly associated with the words Stability & Health. These two things radiate out into our world and affect all eight other Life Aspects depicted by the Bagua.

To get you started I have provided the ebook 'How to use the Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui' as a direct download. It is pivotal to grasping the use of energy flow techniques and I know you'll get so much out of simply studying with this simple tool. 

Once you have subscribed you will have access to the private forum for this group. I've set up several standard categories for discussion including, The Bagua & Directional Energy, Elemental Balancing, Kitchen Witching, Flying Stars Theory, ... but as we grow we will form more.

The forum is where we will do most of our chatting, and, there will be regular group emails that gift you different opportunities and offers.


While the forum isn't a substitute for an in-depth consultation, it will give the at-home or the 'hands-on' feng shui student the access to someone who has lived and worked this theory for over a decade and will provide the feedback you need to keep on improving your spaces for optimum Qi Flow joy.

Access to the private Forum is $13/month giving you the opportunity to ask me any specific questions you have about your Feng Shui study.

You can cancel and reactiveate your subscription any time.

There's also an option for paying in quarterly installments at a reduced rate. Again, you can stop them at any time. This helps anyone who wants to dip and out again, study when it suits them, and ask questions when they have the need (eg: planning a reno, before moving house etc).

Normally my students pay upwards of $55 per session with me, but this way I can speak to more of you for far less.

This way more people learn from a few and the resource is here forever, accessible anytime to seek answers or study a little more.

Once you have been through the payment portal please complete the Forum subscription at the bottom of the page so that I can activate your membership!


Thankyou for endeavouring to create more harmony through observation and application of knowledge.

Or choose 4 payments per year (installments every 3 months) of $33 each.

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Here it is!

Download your complimentary copy of 'How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui' 

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I can assign your membership details for the forum once you have submitted your subscribption payment. And then, you can start asking!, or reading, or sharing! :)

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The Earth Magic forum is a virtual club where we get to talk energy, homes, hearts and magic-centred living using the ancient knowledge of Flying Stars Feng Shui!

Join me on the Earth Magic forum to discuss what's going on energetically and dive a little deeper into the manuals you may have already purchased. There is simply so much to share when it comes to geomancy and practical application of observation techniques. We can use this for ourselves to heal personal issues, for our family to increase health and wellbeing, and for our businesses and finances to promote prosperity and an easy flow to our endeavours.


So whether you like to listen/lurk or share in the discussions it's totally up to you, but don't miss out on the opportunity to learn along with everyone else. I look forward to meeting you on the Earth Magic Private Forum soon.

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