How to use a Facial Oil correctly.

Facial Oils contain 100% beneficial and active ingredients, with the additional benefit of protecting your skin as you wear them. Our layer of naturally regulating skin oils, ‘sebum,’ can be out of sync with our skin’s needs and may overproduce oils causing clogged pores, or under-produce oils - which may lead to dryness, premature wrinkles or creases.

For most people the answer is either to strip away the oil and then use a cream to moisturise dry skin. Unfortunately mainstream moisturising ‘creams’ contain a high volume of tap water (most often unfiltered) and fillers that act as the gelling agents which have little or no effectiveness and may contain trace impurities and pollutants. Then there's the detergent based cleansers with ingredients that are derived from ‘mineral oil’ or petroleum by-products. These detergent based products have the effect of stripping our beneficial skin oils, and creating a ‘shock effect’ on our natural bodily processes, resulting in overly oily skin (acne, pimples, breakouts), extremely dry skin (pre-mature aging) and pallid skin (lack-lustre, blotchy). That's the bad news...

Here's the good news...

Just as your skin can benefit from eating a rich plant-based diet, it will also benefit greatly from using a completely botanical blend of oils for cleansing and moisturising. MEM uses ONLY botanical ingredients and is 100% REAL natural. The truth is that if you have oily skin or clogged pores you will still need hydration. And if you have dry skin and premature aging you will need effective re-hydration. Facial Oils and Serums provide hydration and nutrition for all kinds of skin, and in doing so will help to establish a protocol in the sebum production, helping your skin to balance and heal from within.

How to use:

For best results, use a damp, warm facial cloth as a compress on your face after cleansing with a Powdered Facial Cleanser or Multipurpose Oil. Simply wring out your cloth after wiping away excess cleanser and any dirt, make-up or pollution, then warm it with water, wring it out again and apply gently over your face. Breathe deeply and relax.

Remove the cloth and apply a thin layer of Facial Oil or Serum to the palm and fingertips of one hand. Wet your other hand and rub your hands together vigorously to warm the oil and emulsify it and the water together. You'll notice it will form a completely fresh 'cream'. Gently wipe this over your skin from your collarbones to your forehead in upward, sweeping motions. Gently 'press' your hands and fingers onto your face and breathe in deeply. Take time to gently massage your jawline, cheekbones and browline always making the movement from the inner to the outer edges of the face and upwards, gently. Finish with a light spritz of Hydrating Essence Mist and fan skin with your hands.

Some of the base oils used in MEM's Facial Oils…

MACADAMIA NUT OIL - This moisturizing and nourishing oil is light and easily absorbed deep into the skin layers. It softens skin and is non-greasy, antioxidant rich, with anti-inflammatory properties from its great fatty acid profile. Similar in structure to our own sebum (naturally produced body oils) it penetrates throughout the skin layers, delivering nutrition and locking in moisture while healing and soothing as well.

JOJOBA OIL – An amazingly complex structure that is biologically similar to our skin’s sebum, enables Jojoba to moisturize without clogging our pores. It absorbs deeply into our skin layers, delivering nourishment and hydration. A must have in any skin preparation.

ARGAN OIL – (Argania Spinosa) Naturally high in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, and skin balancing abilities, this is one oil you can generally say is brilliant. Apart from its very comprehensive fatty acid profile, it contains Squalenes, Phenols and Carotenes (naturally occurring Vitamin A like antioxidants), all beneficial for a completely healthy skin profile.

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