Feng Shui and Holistic Health basics

We deserve to give ourselves, our family and our living spaces the safest possible products to make our lives sing with beauty, health and vitality.

By using organic, botanic products we reduce the toxic chemical burden of our brilliant environment. Part of being a Feng Shui consultant was introducing people to the hidden toxins in their everyday lives. Sometimes it was enlightening...for them and me!

When we reduce the toxic burden on our bodies we become healthier.

When we do that for our living spaces our body isn't trying that bit harder to overcome the toxic burden in the first place.

When we expand that to the property we are living ON, then we can begin to reap rich rewards.

If we were able to promote this 'prescription' on a planetary level we'd be living healthier than we'd ever imagined! ...but it's fine to do one step at a time.

Feng Shui is the study of our environment on different levels, examining the influences of energy that move through Time and Space. Holistic Health views a person and their health as the outcome of the influences upon them, over Time and because of the Spaces they live and work in. We are also concerned with what an individual is taking in as nourishment, and their level of self-care. This expands into the kinds of food they eat, the things they use to maintain personal hygiene, and what they use to clean their homes with.

Making a few small changes on a temporary basis can open up the pathway to a less toxic life. Making a few small changes on a permanent basis can open up a pathway to greater health and well-being naturally.

Suggestions for temporary or permanent changes:

1. Add in a herbal tea per day as your drink. 'T@3' is a beautiful blend of Sweet Orange Peel, Rose Petals, White Peony Leaves and Vanilla Pod that helps the body naturally remove toxins. Taken at around 3pm, it can do it's best work with the natural cycles of our body.

2. Go soap-free at least three times a week, or switch over to a soap-free body cleanser or facial cleanser. Reducing the amount of surfactants (detergents) helps our skin re-balance and produce the right amount of oils.

3. Replace one of your surface cleaners with a home-made spritz blend using essential oils and water.

4. Use Rescue Remedy and a calming essential oil to help reduce stress and tension.

Have you got any questions? Use the Contact page to send me a message.

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