Facial Cleansing Oils

It is surprising to find that many people are still using some form of detergent to remove impurities and make-up from their face. While we may all be aware of the possible dangers of using carcinogenic cleansing chemicals, it seems that when it comes to our face there is still a mindset that says we need 'soap' to clean the skin (which is untrue). Wouldn't you rather use a cleanser that will leave your skin soft? Something that won't give your skin that 'stretched' feeling that occurs after using soap? (that has you reaching for a tub of moisturising cream)

A facial cleansing oil is a simple blend of nourishing, natural and pure oils in a plain or scented mix. They are amazingly simple to use and best of all they work on even removing waterproof make-up. MEM has a selection of 'multi-purpose body oils' which are suitable for use as facial cleansing oils, 'Shimmer All Over' (anti-inflammatory and tonifying Frankincense, Patchouli for suppleness and healing, plus hydrating and balancing Rose Geranium).

If you have congested skin or acne prone/ hormonal breakout skin, try Earthside which combines the purifying effects of Clary Sage, Lavender and Roman Chamomile oils, and if you have ageing skin you might like to use 'Glowing' as it contains rejuvenating Rosehip, uplifting Pink Grapefruit, balancing Geranium with Patchouli and Vanilla for rich nutrients and skin repair.

MEM's Multi-purpose Body Oils contains only a few pure, natural, botanical oils to remove dirt, pollution and make-up with ease, leaving your skin soft, clear and smooth. They're an ideal alternative to using detergent based cleansers that may contain alcohols, or synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives.

So, if you've suffered with dry skin, dermatitis, allergies, or simply because your skin is ageing and needs more care, switching over to an oil cleanser can potentially make a world of difference. Use them in conjunction with a soft to medium weight facial cloth for best results.

Here's how you do it...

Morning -

Wet a muslin facial cloth with warm water and wring out well. Apply it to the face and push it into the skin gently. Breathe deeply. Remove the cloth and apply just one squirt of oil into the palm of your hand and wet your other hand. With brisk, circular motions, rub your hands together and create an instant cream. Massage this gently into your face and neck with your eyes closed. Rinse with tepid water and using the damp muslin cloth, remove any excess oil gently. Pat skin dry with a soft dry cloth.

Afternoon or Evening-

Apply a squirt of oil to the palm of your hand and wet your other hand. With brisk, circular motions, rub your hands together to create an instant cream. Massage this into your face with your eyes closed. Rinse with some warm water and wipe over with a damp, warm muslin facial cloth. If removing make-up you'll need to rinse out your cloth several times with warm water until the make-up is removed. (If you wear a lot of make-up, you may need to do the oil step twice) Rinse again with a splash or two of tepid water. Pat skin dry with a soft dry cloth.

Most skin types won't even need to use a facial moisturiser after doing an oil cleansing, but if you feel like you need to, just apply a drop or two of oil blend with water again to clean hands, rub briskly and wipe over your face and neck gently, 'pushing' the oil into the skin lightly.

It's so lovely to know that one product can do so many things, and you really don't need your vanity area clogged with bottles and potions...simplify and enjoy better skin health.

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