Invest in your Self using Crystal Essences to enhance your intuition.

You know what I'm talking about. That voice that said 'beware', 'stop', 'take a different route', 'that's not for you', 'not this time', 'wait'...

Training yourself to be more aware of how and when your intuition is heightened helps you to tap into this inner wisdom. When I'm feeling pressured or being delayed 'by forces beyond my control', I use it to reset my perspective and regain balance. Having this compass inside is like the wisdom of the universe whispering directions in our just need to learn to slow down and listen.

When it comes to simple choices we make every day (what products to choose, or what kind of healing is needed) this little compass is working overtime. At other times it will just be ticking away quietly in the background, but still, those 'small prompts' are often the easiest to dismiss. I'll never forget the discomfort endured at times I've chosen a specific outfit because it had to suit the group of people I'd be amongst, instead of grabbing what I had seen myself wearing in my mind. Usually it was a selection of colours I would see myself in, and would help me to pick an outfit from my wardrobe. I always feel confident and comfortable when I dress this way ;)

Learning to respect your inner wisdom is not something everyone can grasp straight away because we've had behavioural 'blocks' put in place from a very early age. From our inner voice telling us, 'Those people know better than me', to a repeated phrase from friends and/or family, 'You're not qualified to make that diagnosis', or from someone adept at dismantling your self-confidence, 'You're always getting it wrong, ask someone else to make the decision'. Once we can grow this Self confidence, taking ownership of our health, being responsible for our choices, breaking the chains of false authority, we'll unlock our true potential and live a life that flows with beauty.

You can assist your learning path, and perhaps even 'fast track' this kind of work using flower and crystal essences because as subtle therapies, the work gently with you to unlock new pathways of thought.

Vibrational Essence Therapy is the use of subtle healing frequencies contained in all living things. There is something akin to the practice of Homeopathy in that only a tiny amount of essence is needed to convey the healing qualities of the messenger, whether it's a stone, plant, place or other.

MEM's Crystal Essences are made using the energy of the Full Moon over the three nights of Waxing, Full and Waning. The decanted essence is then amplified using a ring of stones over a complete lunar cycle. Each step of creating the Crystal Essence is accompanied with Reiki / Energy Meditation sessions.

Keep an eye out for the new *'Cacoxenite' Crystal Essence due for release at the end of August 2017. Till then there are four Crystal Essences and five Flower Essence Blends to choose from.

*Cacoxenite Crystal Essence is available now :)

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