Why 'synthetic-free' matters so much to me...

As a largely self-taught perfumerer, I suffer from 'performance anxiety' when I get asked about other perfume labels and how I feel they compare to organic, small batch perfumery. I don't know a lot of complex terminology. I don't indulge in fake fragrance escapades simply to 'teach my nose' ...dear gahd, I'd probably pass out from toxic inhalation. So I can't tell you which one of MEM's perfumes smells like the latest perfume release from one of the 'big houses' of perfumery. Not to say I can't or don't admire the creativity and passion of the people putting those fragrances together ... it's just that I'll never have the stomach for smelling their creations.

You see I also have an issue with HOW that bigger industry is producing their product. Research into the cruelty-free category uncovered that a company producing something (an ingredient/component like a preservative, fragrance or colour) that has synthetic chemical or 'derived from natural' chemical ingredients is able to apply for the cruelty-free status if they haven't tested their product or the ingredients in the product on animals in the previous five years. ('what the heck?')

To put that in plain speaking: theoretically, there are companies out there with synthetic chemicals manufactured, tested on animals, bought 5 years previous to the production of their product (or the selling of it in the cosmetic industry) actively using those ingredients in 'cruelty-free' products, AND by application able to sell them as 'cruelty-free' with the logo. So how do we avoid this when choosing products? Find something that doesn't have ANY synthetics.

MEM's range of skincare, bodycare & perfumes are made without synthetics simply because I needed to know what was going in there was vibrationally pure. I couldn't use something that had caused another being pain or discomfort. (I also seemed to have an uncommonly sensitive reaction to synthetics)

Unfortunately, the cosmetic/skincare/ beauty/perfumery industry is rife with synthetics tarted up as 'natural'. Petrol is 'natural' but I ain't slathering that crap on my skin or my children's bodies...would you? By choosing to source ingredients that are foodgrade, certified organic or pure botanic I can avoid the pitfall of acquiring an ingredient that has been tested on animals. All synthetic chemicals at some point in manufacture or testing have been tested on animals somehow. That fact was pretty shocking to unveil.

When you want something that is honestly, purely, natural and organic, look at the label. Read about the company and their practices. Research common ingredients and find out how they are made via websites like Miessence, EWG Skindeep and SafeCosmetics.org for starters. There are sometimes conflicting reports of toxicity, so it's good to go have an objective look around and make notes. Is that all coming across as a bit more work than you'd like to do? Well, you could always choose a small-batch, hand-made and totally synthetic-free product range like MEM because I only test on me and willing human participants ;)

Problem solved...

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