Skin 'correcting' vs skin balancing

Skincare is sold mostly by playing on people's insecurities instead of educating them about the benefits of safe products and the importance of regular self-care. It's probably one of the biggest peeves I have with the skincare 'industry' other than the mainstream use of toxic chemicals...but that's another topic.

As I age I find that my use of cosmetics has plummeted yet my interest in self-care has rocketed. I really love to have a daily facial routine! It's my time for me, even though over the last 18 years the amount of time I've had for me has been erratic to say the least, and non-existent far too often. The skincare regime that evolved from that had to be efficient, gentle, effective and easy to do (usually with a baby on my arm, in a sling, or next to me on the bathroom floor).

My 3rd child in 2008, was a turning point in my life.

Along with the natural aging process; crinkles, creases and new saggy bits that weren't there before ;) , are the pigmentation that comes from hormonal changes. Even if you haven't gone through pregnancy(ies), your skin will begin to darken in certain areas as you age. So it was about this time, after my 3rd baby that I really noticed my skin beginning to change, that the darkening of areas was more pronounced. It never bothered me too much but I also began to notice a lot of marketing directed at 'the flawless finish', and my brain always reacted to it with a 'wtf?' mentality. What upset me most was that the marketing was targeting 'everyone'. Young, old, freckled, blemished, dark skin, light one was getting left out that's for sure, but we were ALL being asked to swallow this utter bullsh*t that covering up your skin was the acceptable 'look'. Apparently if you looked like a mannequin, or some kind of AI Scifi character, then you were right on trend...

On any given week of the year, my skin can be blotchy, blemished, freckled, tanned, pale, dry or oily... because, I'm a HUMAN. A truly bright and balanced complexion will happen now and again, and mostly it depends upon what you eat, how much (and the purity of the) water you drink, how much physical activity you do and your state of mind/emotions. Hormonal fluctuations happen during our lifetime for specific reasons, but we also have spontaneous highs and lows because life is not static, and we don't have to 'blame our hormones' for the appearance of our complexion. Holistic Skincare is just that. Taking a view of one thing as being connected to all things, and in context with the stimuli around it. Looking at our largest organ (the skin) is a great way of litmus testing our lifestyle choices, and there is always room to change, move, adjust and improve, as the case may be.

What I did do was research some of the plant therapy that brightens skin tone and helps to balance out the pigmentation. Things like Jasmine essential oil, Rosehip oil, Camellia oil and Green Tea ended up being incorporated into a few products that could be included in the everyday skincare regime of anyone. Using them makes me feel good as it is part of my self-care.

I hope that using them will increase your self esteem gently, naturally and gradually, or at least maintain your rockin' confident self, because heaven knows there's enough guff out there trying to manipulate our perceptions of 'beauty' at every turn. Love the skin you're in :), give it pure and nourishing care, non-toxic and cruelty-free goodness,'s the only skin you have, so look after it well.

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