Using Holistic strategy for confidence, security and good health

I use a holistic approach to life, meaning that I don’t consider any manifestation in any form to be caused by any one thing, but rather a culmination of circumstances leading to an event or situation. By removing the blame factor from situation and events, you remove a ton of stress from the whole scenario. It happened. Your feelings are valid. There is no judgement. So let's find a solution and move onward. When I consider a strategy for improvement, I gather various helpers to provide a solution.

Crystal Therapy I’ve used the combination of ‘Angelsword’ & ‘Fringed Violet’ Australian Bush Flower Essences had an almost miraculous effect on my confidence, helping me to tap back into my quintessential nature and reconnect with the path I want to be on and are meant to be on. These essences are in the Hydrating Essence Mists. Using Crystal Therapy in body care products means that I'm using them throughout the day, everyday. I can't think of a more convenient way of incorporating energetic support into your life.

Equally, I found that I was deeply receptive to Natural Citrine and Black Tourmaline. Grounding Black Tourmaline transmutes low level energy into simply ‘new energy’ of a higher level. It is also excellent for centering and stabilizing the body’s energy field in times of extreme Progress or after physical travel. Citrine (natural Citrine, not heated Amethyst) has a bell-like quality, clearing energy layers and promoting a clarity that feels like a ‘reset button’. It cannot ‘hold’ energy of other people and is therefore a great stone for communal work; like meditation circles, healers’ stones and working one-to-one with someone in great need. Citrine is one stone that never needs to be energetically cleared as it absorbs negative energy, transmuting it into Pure Light Energy.

Both crystals are ‘Earth’ stones, connecting into the Void of Pure Potential, attuned to the number 5, and providing a tangible sense of gravity. With Citrine, this heightening of clarity and grounding is powerfully stabilizing and provides the right energetic field for success in commercial ventures. It is called ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ and is associated with abundance, success, good fortune and divine synchronicity in matters of commerce.

Black Tourmaline is also helpful for those who are sensitive to Electro-magnetic Radiation as its grounding ability takes the manipulated frequencies and returns them to the Earth’s frequency, providing a ‘force-field of light’ around the holder. Another reason for healers or those working in group situations to utilize the combination of Black Tourmaline and Citrine.

In MEM’s ‘Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline’ Crystal Essence, the inclusion of Elestial Quartz presents and amplification and strong leadership direction to the essence as Elestial is a warrior/angel stone. Highly protective, it brings a calm layer like encircling arms/wings during times of distress.

Aromatherapy Cleansing scents such as Lemon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Oregano Tea Tree can powerfully transform a space with physical application. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of my home after I’ve mopped and cleaned with some 'Prosper' Aromatherapy Blend and hot water. It lifts everything with the Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary plus spice notes. And it is a powerful disinfectant and cleaner too. LOVE it. If situations have been less than great, and the children are quarrelling ‘all the time’, or I’ve had a run of accidentally smashing items, I clean the floor (even if it doesn’t need it) so that I can reset the grid, and provide a new starting point for my home’s energy.

For intense feelings of 'ugh' (eg: after viruses have entered the home, or unpleasant guests/visitors) I use 'Buster' blend with the combination of Tea Tree, Clove Bud and Oregano, it packs a punch for anything negative that's physical, mental or etheric ;) Diluted for topical application, it may still require dilution again for some people. See here for how to perform a Patch Test correctly.

Diffusing a blend like 'Prosper', 'Bright' or 'Rescue' will swiftly take care of any negative/low level layers, and they contain heavy hitting virus busters too for anything airborne.

An inhalation blend (just a small bottle with a dripolator lid so it won’t spill) of one of these blends can help to restore mental awareness while calming the emotions.

Then there is topical application via a blend in carrier oil, or diluted in a bath. I find these are best for anyone who is experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and tension headaches or cluster headaches from stress or worry.

The calming blend of Lavender, Peppermint and spices in 'Rescue' can calm the emotions, slow down the mind, reconnect to spirit and ground the energy body into peacefulness. Immersing yourself in water regularly is very much recommended for anyone experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress.

However, ‘Abracadabra’ is MEM’s go to Aromatherapy Blend for anxiety syndromes and is available in a dripolator 5ml or 10ml. You can also buy this in a 10ml roll on wand so you can apply it as a calming ritual to the soles of the feet, and to the palms and Thymus before bed. Using a tepid bath, not too hot, with around 10 to 20 drops of oil blend, and an immersion of around 15 minutes at least 3 times a week. Taken at night about an hour before bed, a good soak like this can help to promote deep, restful sleep, and when the body gets adequate and restorative rest, it will cope with stress more effectively.

If you are setting yourself on a path of empowerment, peacefulness and success for endeavours, do so with some natural energetic supports like Crystal Therapy and Aromatherapy. Crystal Therapy assimilates best if it is allowed to circulate through the body each day. If you can get out for a half hour stroll or walk twice a day you will find your Essence Therapy promotes results quickly with you feeling the changes and seeing the solutions with ease. Drink lots of pure water to further assist the assimilation and detoxification.

Aromatherapy likes to be regularly ‘topped up’, so having a few ideas to holistically approach your strategy of scent manipulation is going to manifest results quickly. A blend for the home and office, and one for your backpack or handbag, and a schedule of self-care with natural aromatherapy at the core of it all is going to ‘cover all your bases’ so to speak, and provide this layer of support that can be accessed where and when you need it. You’ll be able to draw from the well of energetic support that you have been practicing, as well as access the physical aides, like inhalation blends, where and when the ‘foul scent of overwhelm’ reaches your nostrils ;)

Wishing you a very peaceful end-of-year preparation. Blessings Nette

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