Have you got sensitive skin?

I feel like everyone is coming under this umbrella of late. The sheer load of synthetic chemicals in everyday goods is astounding, heart-breaking and downright toxic, no wonder we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of product aimed at 'soothing the skin'.

But I'm here to let you know that the sensitive skin nightmare (or situation to be a tad less dramatic) can be overcome. Sometimes you need LESS to achieve MORE. A complicated skin routine can be a big turn off for those who just need results quickly, and I found that the quickest route to results lay in the holistic approach. Take a few good support items and throw anything else off the edge (at least for the moment).

Item 1: NO, it's not a cream.

After spending 15 years with severe dermatitis, visiting specialist after specialist, I feel I can definitely state "A cream ain't gonna fix that honey". Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, and when your internal organs overload your body lets your skin handle the toxic overload (whether it be a poison, virus or bacteria).

Item 1 is a purifying tea. Yes it's a TEA! :) MEM has three to choose from depending on your taste or what level of detox you want to achieve. For a morning infusion you would be best using 'DIVINE GREEN' because it has a beautiful Jasmine Green Tea base that contains some caffeine, which in the mornings can give you a gentle boost into the day. Packed with antioxidant goodness, green tea has been used to keep the skin clear, the complexion toned and the spirits serene yet energised for thousands of years. For afternoon, try 'THE 3PM GLOW' which contains a little Orange Peel and Hibiscus Nib that work to clean the Liver (which is the organ that naturally helps detox your body normally). Taken at 3pm enables it to work with the natural cycle of the body and will help to flush out toxins before bedtime (hopefully producing a restorative sleep). For other times use 'PERFECT', a peppermint and rose petal infusion for pick me up on a could of 'ahhh' anytime refreshment.

Item 2: Clean the outside too...

A cleanser should not rip off the layers of natural body oils you have, but rather clean and moisturise at the same time. Powdered Facial Cleansers do this and leave you soft skinned with a very light aroma from the pure essential oils and infusions. There are four to choose from depending on your particular skin condition. All of MEM's cleansers (face or body) are completely soap-free, because soap is acidic and can be too harsh for those with sensitive skin.

Item 3: A little woo-woo goes a long way...

I'm talking about the self-care you need to gift yourself. Crystals and essences, meditation and massages. They don't need to cost a lot but they are essential. MEM's Crystal or Flower Essences help you get that little more magic to utilise with a daily routine in drops to drink, or mists to spritz with. For those that have skin issues from tension and stress related conditions, soaking in a bath with aromatics and essences can be the re-set they need. Others will enjoy using the mists as an aromatic mood enhancer for calming or clarifying their emotions.

For the time that your skin is healing you'll benefit from taking a holistic approach to your lifestyle too. Remove toxic things and replace them with nourishing things. For example: snacks are best going to be fresh items or home-made dried goods. Non sugared (or fake sugared) drinks are best consumed with meals, and use water to hydrate inbetween meals. For that matter, forget about 'meals', and give your digestive system a break by snacking small, fresh and clean for a few weeks.

Enjoy a gentle walk or exercise routine each day, a couple of times a day. Even if you are bedridden you can do stretches and repetitions to keep your circulation going. Able bodied peeps need to get out and walk, swim, hike or run. PLAY and have fun with your activity.

Observe what you are using for 'entertainment', and try to limit moronic TV gazing to a bare minimum. Surround yourself with people who love to talk about what they are doing, not what others are doing ;)

And remember, New Year's Resolutions aren't for everyone. Find the time that you feel is good to begin. Begin slowly, but begin, and increase the changes bit by bit to watch the results happen.

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