Repairing Environmental Skin Damage Part 1

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Knowing your story, backstory, herstory-history...

Growing up in Queensland, Australia is a bit like growing up in the ideal kid space. Long days most of the year. Mild temperatures that encourage outdoor exploration (tons of bugs'n'critters, trees and pathways, beaches and the tropical paradise). However those conditions also mean a huge amount of exposure to the weather and environmental elements in the immediate area.

For most of my early childhood we had an orchard and vineyard right next door. While this might seem quite rural, and picturesque scenes of fruiting trees and vines fill the mind, the reality was that the farmer sprayed DDT every year, more than once, and this also affected our health and well-being. So pollutants don't always come in the form of products you buy, they can be the kind that are absolutely invisible in our environments, that we have no direct control over, and any kind of toxin like that has the potential to accumulate in the body and cause dis-ease.

In the Holistic approach, I looked for the causes of my own skin issues, which manifested at the age of 15, and took me until I was 35 to really get a handle on why it was happening. Apart from having a great childhood 'in the sun', I had also had the toxins coming in from various sources, which had to be uncovered and acknowledged. As someone who is now committed to preventative health measures, I had to do a 180 on some of the treatments I had previously put faith in. They just hadn't helped, and had not produced any positive results.

What I did find most difficult and most helpful was detoxing. It's a difficult thing to begin even if you are fired up and prepped, ready to 'do it' and on course for success in your mind. The first days are a massive reality check because the detoxing is not just happening physically, it's happening mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. The absolute watershed of feelings is overwhelming, and I had no anchors except for the online courses I had studied. Finding the subtle healing help of Flower Essences and Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Reiki, returning to esoteric studies ...and a group of like-minded people, saved me at a time when I thought I was going to lose myself. Community is not a strong point for me personally, but I understand why humans require this and value it deeply.

MEM was a part of this process. Like the pearl in the oyster (me) it was formed from all the grit I processed. For many years I would express to mentors, family and friends that I felt as if I were being squeezed through a greasy tube full of sand; I felt so raw, constricted and sensitive. Now I feel kinda 'shiny', slightly luminescent and fairly 'precious' ;)

The new products I'm offering now, and the ones I've got planned for release in Autumn and Winter this year, are focused upon repairing environmental damage, detoxification and restoring you to being you.

You can try some of the very first offerings in this line with 'Divine Green' Tea blend, 'Crystal Clear' Green Tea bodyscrub, 'Tea Silk' restorative salve and 'Luxurious' moisture mask.

Working with such beautiful, clean, fresh and vital botanical ingredients is a pure pleasure, and I can't wait to show you more very soon.




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