Repairing Environmental skin damage Part 2

I expect you've read by now and know that our skin is actually the biggest organ of our bodies. If we understand that, truly 'get it', then it makes the modern enthusiasm for skincare and spas completely legitimate.

Taking care of our skin is a metaphor for honouring ourselves. When we make time to create rituals that honour the 'visible', we are giving ourselves permission to love the skin we're in. This vehicle we've been gifted with can so easily be dishonoured and disregarded, neglected and unloved, and I feel to do that is a tragedy. As a parent I have brought up my children to take notice of their body, to honour and respect it, and to protect it. I have taken the road to holistic health care and found the rewards outweigh any personal challenges that a little more attention to detail requires. This concept is similar to the zeitgeist for 'gratitude' that swept the globe in the last decade or so. Yes, be grateful, but do be authentic about it. In the same vein, be self-care conscious, but do align yourself with routines and regimes that suit you. Not all apples are the same...

Environmental skin damage is as accumulative as it is spontaneous. We may have grown up with over exposure to sun, wind, cold, heat, salt water, sand, pollutants or irritants, even stress and abuse will leave a mark. Or, we may have been exposed to a toxin during a short period of time at work or school or home. What we choose to do now is key to success for repairing and protecting the shield we have grown (and continue to grow) against 'the elements'. Without this skin we'd all be big gooey piles of... goo. It's our fortification and part of our identity.

The holistic approach requires little effort once in place. Nourish inside and out, take regular audits on maintenance routines, and remember to address the importance of spirituality in everyday life. Say thankyou. Be kind. Gravitate towards Love and Peace. Pretty easy. No matter what path of belief you follow, those requirements are quite standard.

Repairing any sort of trauma, whether it is due to environmental damage or physical injury, takes some time and there really is no magic bullet or one product fits all. Regular care and making it a pleasant, engaging ritual will get results quicker than running after 'miracles' for years and years and not changing the way you live and think.

So let's start by changing (or validating) the way you think about your self care and personal care products. You'll find that the products I've created have a versatility 'tag' to them because I found that a really good product does more than one thing and just as a cleaning cloth doesn't know which task it is to perform, a 'cleansing powder' might also be good as a bath soak or combined to form a restorative mask. These pure botanical ingredients are as versatile as the natural world they come from and you can 'mix'em'up' to create customised systems of care.

Coming soon are a selection of deep repair products specifically aimed at those who have tried it all and need to access some help without side effects.

Blessings and Beautiful Things



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