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Do you get inspired by the Pantone ‘colour of the year’? I’m not always engaged with the colour when it’s announced, and enjoy sitting back a little and seeing how it gets incorporated into products and concepts over the beginning of the year. Sometimes I see very little inclusion, and other times it gets thoroughly embraced.

For those of you who aren’t involved in design and product development, Pantone are huge company that provide a service that matches colours and themes for production purposes. Since 2000 they have released a ‘colour of the year’ which has been received well by the design community. The hue has then been used to formulate fashion trends in clothing, cosmetics, décor and accessories across a vast expanse of modalities. 2018 sees ‘Ultra Violet’ as its hue. A combination of blue-indigo and the brightness of violet. I find it deliciously ‘galactic’ and felt an immediate pull towards it.

Here’s a little tiny snippet from the Pantone website to show how the ‘Ultra Violet’ has been incorporated into specific products this year…

As a perfumer and someone who is highly attuned and sensitive to smell, I also have this uncanny sense of being able to interpret colour as a scent. Sometimes it is related to a flower that is of the same colour, but often it is just a feeling. The same thing happens with landscapes, geometric forms and times of the day. For me, everything is fragrant! :)

When it came to the year of ‘Ultra Violet’ my receptors just went into happiness overdrive. I had SO MANY ideas that I literally had to stop myself creating ‘this and that’ each and every day. I would have completely run out of ‘play stock’ and had nothing on hand to actually make product with! What I did end up with was a selection of fragrances that I felt deeply connected to the bright indigo frequency. First off the line was oddly enough something that didn’t smell much at all...the Cacoxenite Amethyst Quartz Crystal Essence, and with that was a tweak to the combination of Lavender & Rose Geranium pairing of ‘Provence’ Aromatherapy Balm.

Cacoxenite is the 'Stone of Ascension' taking us towards our Higher Self, and Provence aromatherapy is deeply restorative, calming and balancing...everything that is needed for 'ultra self care' in my experience.

I had been tinkering with a ‘Lilac’ perfume blend as an authentic essential oil is notoriously hard to come by and adulterated blends are unfortunately common in the aromatherapy industry. I wanted the beauty of the Lilac scent without the synthetic/toxic guff and ‘toilet cleaner’ smell, and quite often when I smell a mass produced lilac scent I immediately want to do some housekeeping. It’s unfortunate that most people wouldn’t really know what lilacs smell like let alone what violets actually smell like. Anyway, so the process was to make a fragrance that made you think ‘ultra violet’, that had you feeling floral and regal, happy and comforted. For me, that’s what purples do. They cocoon and confer a sense of prestige as well as defining a bit of flamboyance when used as a ‘look at me’ accessory or feature piece.

Keep an eye out for the release of MEM’s new ‘Ultra Violet’ products that will incorporate the frequency of this magical hue. I’ll be releasing them very soon after labels are finalized and pretty photos taken :) 'Ultra Violet' will be offered as a multi-purpose oil blend (bath, massage, wash) and soft powdered body wash in an exciting new packaging format. It is a timely nod to the delicious sequence of self care that IS scent layering. You will of course also be able to purchase a limited edition perfume oil blend to use throughout your day to refresh your fragrance.

Can't wait to show it to you.




PS: for those of you who are also beginning your Feng Shui journey, you'll notice that the Ruling Star for 2018 is Star 9, The Angel of Vivacity & Vigour which is represented by the colour Purple. What a beautiful confluence of frequency! You can read more about Star 9 in the Annual Influences Guide 2018.

And for anyone who's 'into' Numerology too, I guess you will have noticed the serial number of 'Ultra Violet' is 18 - 3838. 1 + 8 = 9 and Star 9 is Purple and 'fire' element. 3+8 = 11... twice, which I loved. 11:11 is the cosmic 'heads up' and so I connected that to the galactic imagery that Pantone used to 'describe' Ultra Violet. Beautiful.

UPDATE: :) Labels are on the way...soon ;) Deciding on 'which' Violet to do or a selection of violets and lilacs... Symbology is via my head-heart-spirit. I've been channelling a LOT of sigils over the last 6 to 8 months. Can't wait to show you those too!

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