Postcards from New Zealand

I've just come back from a week in Wellington and have had an adventure. Not so much lazing about sipping quiet teas and enjoying the view, but more like guzzling some water and going forth, up mountains, along busy streets, up hills and down. Sunset strolls to soak up the twinkling lights as they turn on all around and watching people go about their lives in this lovely place.

We have mountain ranges here, but wow... those were some impressive and majestic mountains in NZ! Magical. Just what I wanted to experience, and walking up to the top of Mt Victoria in the afternoon of our first day there was a great idea. Tough on the quads, but an excellent idea ';)

There's not much better for improving the complexion than heaps of water and lots of movement, so I feel I did a heap of self-care with all the sightseeing efforts. The cold weather does require a lot more hydration, and I found that I was applying VERITAS Regenerative Serum twice a day. Once after cleansing lightly in the morning with water and my muslin cloth, and then again after cleansing at night with BALANCE Powdered Facial Cleanser. Spritzing during the day with RADIANT Hydrating Essence Mist helped me to refresh and feel protected and calm too as it contains Angelsword bush flower essence to help keep your energy to your self. AND! wearing the Everyday Solar Balm each day to keep my skin physically protected from UV rays, because we had some seriously lovely sunshine while we were there!

Here I am, looking like I'm on holiday, haircut, lots of exercise and a new perspective on where I'm heading and how I'll incorporate that with MEM and what I do. For now, I'm just happy to be back cuddling my babies and enjoying some time at home. Can't wait to show you all the plans I have made so stay tuned.




PS: if you'd like to see more of the journey around #WellingtonNZ you'll find some #postcards and videos up on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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