Updated: Mar 3, 2020

If we could only have the ability to jump forwards in Time and find out that all the struggles we endured WERE actually leading us towards a higher goal, wouldn't that be reassuring? So what about sitting in that belief for a little while? Feeling the sense of achievement. Feeling accomplished. Feeling strong and capable.

Every time anyone told me that the trials or setbacks I was living through were going to 'build character' I wanted to punch them. But they were correct in a sense I guess.

At one point in my life, I would count a minute on the clock to feel a sense of peace that ONE minute went by and I had survived it. Then it got to 15 minutes. Then a morning. Then a day. Finally my life got to a place where I assessed my sense of well-being by looking back over a month or a season. Remembering THAT gives me immense self-belief. I can do anything, and so can you.

Using words like 'allow' and 'catalyst' are also potent ways of turning around negative thoughts where you may be immersed in self-doubt or a oppressed mind-set. Instead of 'this happened to me' , I began to use 'I now allow myself to move on from that'. Bestowing permission gave me all the authority. Instead of saying 'it was a tremendous setback', I learned to say 'that really was the catalyst to take me forward'. This kind of 'talk' enables someone to take responsibility for their life and to avoid the blame game.

PERCEPTION. the key to just about everything...

Along my journey I found out about Flower and Crystal Essences. These work in a very subtle manner and helped me to progress with a little more support. Find out bit more about them by visiting the website and the 'Essences and Mists' page.

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