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MEM’s facial cleansing powders began because of the commitment to using 100% natural ingredients, and not using any synthetic ingredients…ever. The standard facial cleansing gel, cream or lotion contains any number of synthetic additives which I believe are not compatible with our bodies. The reason for this is that products containing water or that are water based (lotions/gels/creams) need synthetic preservatives to maintain product stability (to stop it going ‘off’). I also don’t use any synthetic additives because those products have to be tested on animals to receive certification/approval for use. That rules them out for me. The botanical powders and oils I use in the Powdered Facial Cleansers are 100% naturally cruelty-free and I LOVE that.

What are they made of? MEM’s facial cleansing powders are made with a base of Riceflour and Arrowroot Powder with Raw Coconut Oil and other botanicals that differ in each blend. (I also blend up custom powders using Oatflour however I prefer to work with gluten free products). I’ve found this basic blend of riceflour and arrowroot powder smooths, hydrates, softens and brightens most complexions with ease, and forms a stable base for the layers of botanicals and vibrational essences (crystals or flowers) that are then woven in.

What are the benefits of using a facial cleansing powder? While you may at first be a little perplexed or skeptical about powdered cleansers, once used and experienced, it is very easy to see their appeal because … A: they work efficiently and beautifully to clean, exfoliate, tone and moisturise all at once. B: they are multi-use products that are largely customizable (add in a bit of facial oil or honey or avocado, and you can make an intensive treatment mask) C: they contain NO synthetic ingredients…at all (the powder and oils aerated into it act as natural preserving agents) and are free of sulfates and phthalates, so they are a life-changing find for those prone to sensitivities. D: the product is ‘dry’ meaning that it is excellent to travel with (throw it into your handbag, backpack, gymbag, rucksack, etc) and will last for a long time if kept cool and dry.

Because they ARE different to your standard cleanser in a tube, you need to understand how to use them to get the most benefit from them.

How do I apply them? This process is surprisingly simple and straightforward.

• Wet your face (wear your hair up and a soft headband)

• Add a half teaspoon of powder to your hand or a small dish

• Add a few drops of water till and mix it up till you get a comfortable consistency (like a day lotion, light and creamy but not watery or overly runny) that will glide around the surface of your skin

• Gently massage it in with your fingers and palms (just like you would a lotion or other cleanser) If you are using an exfoliating powder (Balance, Devotee or Luminous) be gentle with your massaging in. The grains will do all the work at removing the dirt and impurities while keeping your skin’s top layer intact and moisturized.

• Wash off with cool water and pat dry

If you are targeting areas like the T zone, deep creasing or spots/outbreaks, you can use a small amount of paste made up to wipe onto specific areas and leave it on for a few minutes for a more intensive treatment. Wash off again with cool water (or under the shower) and pat dry.

Powdered Facial Cleansers provide a very simple process that allows everyone to have access to a pure, clean product that can be used in a few ways, depending on your needs and requirements.

Why no foam or suds or lather? I like my bubbles! Unfortunately I have a harsh truth for you about your harsh bubbles. Any foaming product contains a detergent as a surfactant. While some are now formulated to be ultra-gentle (saponified coconut oil for example) they are still, in my opinion as someone who has sensitive skin, far too harsh for everyday use. You can achieve a better, gentler clean with a great result by using a powder plus oil base…which won’t give you the side-effect of dried out skin. The reason for this is that all soaps work to remove the oil from the top layers of skin which is also removing our needed body oils (sebum) that work to nourish the dermis to keep it healthy, supple and looking good. If you rip that layer of protection away you leave your skin exposed and in shock. The shock mechanism sometimes promotes the overproduction of oil which can lead to problematic skin conditions. It can conversely lead to extremely dried out skin immediately which has people reaching for a deep moisturizing treatment, that can clog up pores, that can in turn promote blemishes… it’s a problematic circle of reactions.

Will they remove my make-up? Depends upon what kind of make-up you use. Natural make-up that is oil and clay based will respond well to a powder cleanser. More industrial, ‘24hr’/ ‘colour-stay’ make-up will need a more thorough approach… however your powdered cleanser will do wonders at calming down the skin after harsh cleansing AND removing excessive residue from both the make-up and cleansing agents. Also consider moving away from make-up that is long wearing unless necessary (stage make-up etc) as it does contain a high amounts of synthetics and harmful ingredients.

Won’t a powder dry out my skin? No. The botanical powders used in MEM’s cleansers are soft and contain small amounts of their own oil, but the big deal is the aeration of nutritious oils through the powders that create the creamy paste when mixed with water. This emulsion is softening and nourishing, not at all drying or harsh.

Can I use them if I have broken skin? Yes. I suggest a soft cleanser like ‘Soothe’ for anyone with broken skin. Once the surface has healed up then switch to a gentle cleanser like ‘Devotee’, ‘Balance’ or ‘Luminous’ depending on your skin’s needs and tolerances.

Will I need to use a moisturizer too? This depends on your skin. For those with papery/dry skin you may find that massaging in a small amount of facial oil like ‘Serene’ or ‘Dewfall’, ‘Skin Elixir’ or ‘Veritas’, straight after patting off excess water from cleansing will help to nourish the dermis and bring back elasticity. For dermatitis/acne/eczema/psoriasis/rosacea there is a misconception that it won’t benefit from a treatment oil. Oily or irritated complexions need soothing and calming compounds that contain anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense oils in small amounts only. This is enough to promote healing and balance. For most people, the cleansers will not dry out the skin and they may find they do not need any further moisturisation other than what is in the cleanser. It's advised that you use a safe sunblock each day especially if you are outdoors for more than half an hour at a time. Everyday Solar Balm is perfect as it is sensitive skin friendly and slightly tinted.

Can I use them everyday? Yes. If you use them as directed you can use them twice a day if required. I suggest that a morning cleanse be done with water and a light oil cleanse (with something like ‘Shimmer’ Multipurpose Repairing Formula) and a damp cloth, and leave the more intense cleansing till the end of the day.

I hope a lot of questions have been answered, but if you have any further queries about using a Powdered Facial Cleanser please Contact me. All of the Powdered Facial Cleansers are available to purchase as sachets or in a sachet pack, so you can try them out and see which ones suit you best.

For a Custom Skincare Consultation please Contact me to begin. Several different packages are available starting at $95.


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