How do we get through it all?

Motherhood / Parenting / Adulting ... all labels for portals of growth. As we emerge into the fullness of who we are, or were meant to be, we are embracing these unseen energies of our existence, tapping into the pure cosmic magic we are, regardless of the upbringing or past happenings we remember. You may have had a wonderful parent who demonstrated to you the values of nurturing, compassion, stamina and pragmatism...or you might not have. You may be living in the shadow of abuse or neglect...or not.

Each of us has a story and each of us a present and future.

This New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) has brought with it an energy that has moved a lot of 'story' to the front of stage. When challenged by this type of experience it's so helpful to have support. People/Confidants can be good but for some the process has an need to be adjusted internally. A Mindset Reset.

That kind of thing has to begin with focused self care and mountains of support. I've experienced and observed therapy failing because of the lack of complimentary therapies being employed. I choose the kinds of therapy I use for their simplicity, their energy and their availability to me and to my lifestyle. It makes sense to use things that feel like a natural fit right?

Using complimentary therapies is about weaving yourself layers of support. Flower or Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Intentional Meditation, Connection Exercises...all of these things are what I would call 'accessible' for anyone.

You'll find various kinds of these therapies weaved in through my products because they are beautiful, magical and useable...and they've helped me or my family or friends or clients.

Blessings for a smooth transit this month, through the beauty or the discomfort, I wish you a secure and improved landing.

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