The importance of keeping it loose...leaf.

So hands up who enjoys a brew or 5 each day? Do you use a teabag for convenience or are you a die-hard leaf brewer? (like me) Tea is part of the Holistic Skincare ethos of MEM, and without the infusions I know that my skin would not be able to cope with the stress, tension or toxins of everyday life.

However, did you know that most teabags aren't even made with paper anymore?

Synthetic teabag

Unfortunately a lot are made of something called 'silken' paper (like the one shown above in the trendy 'pyramid' bag style) which is actually a nylon mesh, referred to as 'food grade plastic', (like PET plastic for drink bottles) and the cotton thread is sealed to the paper tag which is coated with another kind of plastic. Mmmm...yummy, not.

In a world getting overrun by plastic for convenience it's upsetting to find out it's in something you wouldn't really expect. We all make choices about our plastic use as and where we can, but when it's presented in a product that you are going to heat a fair bit and leave to brew, and then consume, and probably more than once a day (well, you would if you had my tea addiction...) then it becomes 'an issue'. We're all alerted to the dangers of leaving a plastic water bottle in the sun or in a hot car because of the potential danger from toxins leaching into the liquid in the bottle. So why is it ok for our tea to be put into a plastic mesh bag and steeped in boiling water? Answer's NOT ok.

It's good to see some manufacturers using non-bleached paper, but even then they need to use some kind of adhesive to close the seam...

Epic Red Chai Caffeine Free blend

Personally, I CAN taste the paper and adhesives used in these products and refuse to buy good quality tea that's going to be tainted so much. The answer is a stainless steel capture to infuse your blend and strain your tea. Smarter. Less waste. Reusable...and we LOVE reusable here at MEM.

I encourage all tea-bag drinkers to avoid the potential toxins from adhesives used to close teabag seams, or the hazardous plastic 'material' used to make some fine mesh teabags. Get clean, pure and flavour-full tea instead of paper taste or toxic substances... MEM's herbal teas are made in small batches using ONLY Australian Certified Organic ingredients.

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Each stainless steel closure is packaged in a cotton, cloth, draw-string bag that you can use to finely strain your tea if preferred or required. Sometimes small children or the elderly or ill simply need 'no bits' to enjoy their tea, and that's completely understandable.

Once you've brewed your tea 'in the bag', put it out on the sink to cool and drain. When it's cold enough to touch, open it up, turn it inside out over the garden or a waste bin and rinse out your bag. Leave it to dry for next use. These cloth bags are able to be used loads.

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