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Have you ever wanted to get a gift for someone who has sensitivities, is pregnant, nursing or just someone who has very sensitive skin?

I WAS that person (for a very long time) either pregnant, nursing or with children that had sensitivities just like me. At first it was difficult to find products that were completely synthetic-free, (there were a lot of 'natural' products out there, yet still containing just enough synthetic to cause reactions for me) but amazingly I did find a few companies that were truly awesome.

I sought out companies that were selling baby care ranges because I found that most of the time these products were suitable for my very sensitive skin, digestive and respiratory systems. Yep, that's right, I had the whole bag baby... if I didn't break out in a rash I'd be having 'instant' hayfever symptoms or experience dreadful nausea and headaches with sweats on the spot. Not much fun. Walking through a supermarket or mall became a traumatic experience and one that eventually turned me into something of a hermit. Can you imagine just getting groceries being so confronting that you just dread it for days before you go out? Thank heavens for internet shopping! and the guerrilla style I developed to 'get in and get out' of the supermarket in the shortest amount of time. In the long run it produced an appreciation of small retailers and local, small scale shopping experiences ;)

Magic Earth Mumma began as I created products that helped me maintain a personal care routine without soap, or chemicals, or synthetic colours or fragrances. I found that I could handle the natural grocery shops and would source ingredients that I could also turn into bodycare and skincare. It helped that I'd studied Herbalism, Aromatherapy and complimentary therapies, and a massive 'clean-freak-streak' that made me meticulous with hygienic production techniques. (A little OCD never hurt anyone...)

Having an episode of sensitivities during pregnancy is not unusual at all and it's often at these times of hormonal flux that we need to reduce toxin intake, overload and retention. Detox, but gently. Detox with regards to behaviours and beliefs is also helpful. Walk a path you may not normally choose and see where it leads...that sort of thing. I never thought I'd ever be making personal care products as a business, but here I am, simply because of the experiences I've had, personal inclinations and the choice to say 'yes'; step into what was being presented to me in Life and 'just give it a go'. I've always believed that there will be a solution to any issue or problem and that inherent knowledge has helped me overcome so much.

Today I find myself making everything from powdered bodywash and toothpaste to solar balm and skincare basics (and botanical perfumery...because I got a tad obsessed with real scents along the way).

Now I know I offer anyone with sensitivities access to a great personal care regime that IS completely soap-free, synthetic-free and naturally cruelty-free too, that they can use on themselves, and in most cases they can use them with their baby, infant, toddler or child as well. It's how I developed them; to be used alongside everyday interactions with my children. As I steadily removed hidden toxins from my life (foods & drinks, medicines, personal care and household cleaning) I found that I was able to enjoy using some beautiful yet potent aromatherapy choices as well...something that I thought would never be available to me again.

I've collated a selection of MEM products onto a page for Pregnancy and Baby so that anyone with sensitive skin can look there for very gentle and effective items to suit their needs. And if you're buying for someone else you can choose from any of these and have them gift wrapped and sent direct. I've also put the 'Skincare Your Way' Introduction Pack on there for yourself or to give as a gift.

Keep an eye out for the new Hamper collections coming soon. Each one will have a personalised 20% discount Voucher included.

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