Last night I had the strangest dream...

On occasion, I find my dreams have a very connective quality to them. Not that thing where 'I am aware I'm dreaming'... that happens often. But when you have a physical symptom, like having a sore throat on waking from a dream where you are trying to shout, or a dream that has a definitive sound that upon waking you are not sure if it was from dream or the here and now, or even a physical manifestation like shaking.

Last night I awoke to a sound. I'd been dreaming of being asleep in my room at my parents' house, and I was watching myself in the dream, having a dream. Then some 'thing' was thumping the door glass at the back of the house (which isn't there anymore because they have had the door changed) and then on the window of my bedroom, in the dream. It was a slightly curious feeling, not so much threatening, but more of an urgency to become aware, to become 'awake'. As I woke up I heard the last sound of thumping on glass and lay there for a moment expecting to hear it again. No more sound. I lay with the memory, tracing back my steps in the clues, just hazy personalities misting their way through my thoughts.

After a while I got up and did the routine door and window checks. Better to do this now than in an hour's time after a lost amount of sleep. No sounds. No movements. No moonlight from the Full Moon even, which is partly why I thought I'd been woken up because during the beginning of the previous Full Moon Eclipse I'd been literally shaken awoke just at the right time to tip-toe outside and catch the whole thing till it dipped behind the mountain. So whatever it was shaking me that morning I was very grateful for the 'wake-up-call'.

So back to the dream last night, and I'm considering who might need my attention, and a friend from years ago floats in to my mind. A beautiful soul, someone who had got in contact recently to ask for healing, and someone who I know had a challenge ahead of them at the time. In the dream she needs 'liquid light' poured down her spine so I do that, and it pools in her lumbar area above her pelvis. The whole of her spine is aglow with white luminescence. It's beautiful. I go to pick her up and she is limp. "...unconscious?" I think, and she answers me to stop being so practical about this, after all, we're in dreamscape. She was pretty adept at accessing the astral, so I completely get her drift. We talk for a bit more and I offer her thanks for connecting in.

I consider the symbology of this dream and find that her condition and my preoccupation with preventative medicine are very pertinent. I ruminate on the insistent 'thumping' that woke me up. That it wasn't frightening but urgent. That I might need to be woken up to a threat I don't perceive as yet...or that someone I know is requiring my connection.

Full Moons are in themselves portals into realms we don't 'literally' understand. Add to that the symbology of just going through Spring Equinox; the new beginning of the energetic year for this hemisphere, and I find myself considering that my friend may have passed over (portals are gateways after all), and was letting me know in a gentle way that healing is still a part of what I do, and maybe should be doing more often. What am I stepping through? or into?

Guess I'll just have to wait until another dream lets me know what the heck is going on a little less cryptically.

Sleep hygiene is essential for lucid dreaming and for the analysing thereafter. I find I dream far more lucidly when I take care of myself. Small amounts of or no alcohol (except for essence tinctures). Avoid social media time-wasting. Avoid computers after 6pm (yes, of course in this day and age of overwork we might not be able to do this every evening, but give yourself a break at least 3 to 4 nights a week). Avoid dramatic/confrontational/opinionated tv shows. Watch or simply appreciate the sunset, even for just a moment or 10. Taking a broad spectrum probiotic before bed always encourages the invitation of knowledge, as we release what is overgrown and restore internal balance physically, our other levels of existence; spiritual and mental, also receive balancing...

'Remove the junk, to make space for the Gold'.

And I've just ordered some Reishi as I used to take this years ago after getting my Reiki attunements and it's awesome to dream with. Essences I love to imbibe before sleep are Cacoxenite Crystal Essence or if I'm feeling a little fragile I'll take Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline. Steadying, grounding, illuminating of the spirit and mind. I'm also heavily using 'Astral Traveler' Aromatherapy Blend on the Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras, and as a mist for my bed linen, (use one of the atomiser bottles with just a few drops of Astral Traveler in it) which is probably encouraging the return of such lucid dreaming.

It's wonderful.

I can hardly wait for bedtime ;)




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