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Pinktober = Pinkwashing. What's 'pinkwashing'? It's when a product is promoted as being part of the movement to support people suffering from breast cancer but actually profits from them or contains known carcinogenic ingredients that would promote breast cancer formation. You can read about the beginnings of the pink ribbon movement here.

So what about we instead have a few real, commonsense ideas to help with breast health, using holistic health suggestions and how you can keep abreast (couldn't help it) of your regular examinations and preventative options for breast tissue health.

First of all, why are breasts getting more cancers? Well, most mainstream personal hygiene protocols seem to put a lot of importance on not sweating. No sweating and no smells, that's their key message. This approach to 'cleanliness' ends up putting a lot of toxic chemical on the armpits, and breasts are pretty close-by, along with our Lymph system which helps to clean our bodies of toxins. With common personal hygiene products like antiperspirants, shower gels and body lotions containing carcinogenic compounds (Phthalates, PEG's, SLS and other nitrosating agents, a lot of surfactants, heavy metals ie: Aluminium), it's easy to see how the connection between those products and breast cancer is made. In fact it's so obvious you wonder what the hell is going on when those products are on the shelf at the supermarket or chemist. I'm befuddled to see these same companies then launch a 'pinktober' version of their product to 'support breast cancer awareness'...the wtf value rating of that is off the charts.

Information about chemicals in personal care products? 'In a nut shell', take a look at several great websites like the Glossary of Hazardous Ingredients by Miessence, the EWG's SkinDeep or (they'll open your eyes and if you're not a label reader, you soon will be).

If you don't already conduct a weekly check of your breasts then right now is a perfect time to start. It's simple and can be done whenever is comfortable for you. Avoid scare-mongering websites that focus on cancer industry funding, and instead take care of your breasts in a more holistic way as your entire health is linked to the health of your lymphatic system. This link here shows a lymphatic drainage massage you can do for breast health. Lymphatic drainage can radically change your health for the better and is a marvelous habit to form and teach to your children too.

Massage breasts and the lymph system with anti-inflammatory essential oils (Frankincense, Copaiba, Helichrysum, Rose Geranium or Geranium, Calendula, Rose, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree) or blends and a great quality carrier oil. (MEM's 'Anahata' blend is loaded with Copaiba, Rose, Frankincense, Rose Geranium and is a beautiful oil blend to use for heart-centred-self-care, or use 'Shimmer' Multipurpose Oil which contains Frankincense, Rose and Patchouli).

Remember that not all breast tenderness is frightening and not all lumps mean you have a cancerous growth. Women and men can experience tenderness or fibrous growths as part of our very normal hormonal fluctuations and we can engage with preventative measures that ensure we are consciously taking responsibility for our own health.

If you regularly experience breast swelling, tenderness or inflammation each month try taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules for around 3 menstrual cycles in a row, or 3 months, to reduce this symptom. After that assess how your breasts are feeling and continue taking EPO if you still have some tenderness. (Evening Primrose Oil is also part of MEM's 'Serene' Facial Oil which can be used as a breast massage oil too. It contains Frankincense, Rose and Lavender with Argan to help reduce inflammation). It can take at least 2 cycles to feel significant change however with some people it takes only a week and they have considerable reduction in pain and swelling. Men can also experience a similar swelling due to their own hormonal cycles and can benefit from reducing inflammatory elements in their diet. If you are at all concerned about a lump or abnormality on your chest, breasts or armpits, see your trusted healthcare practitioner as soon as you can.

One holistic health suggestion is to identify up to 3 inflammatory foods and/or drinks and eliminate them from your 'everyday' diet (replace them with 3 better alternatives of course...we don't want you going hungry). Inflammatory foods are the usual culprits...wheat bread and crackers, sweet biscuits, cheese and dairy, red meats, and as for drinks, the inflammatory effects from sugary soft drinks (soda/pop) and alcohol are well known. Supplement with cruciferous veggies regularly (kale, rocket, bok choy, kohlrabi, watercress, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) and use some of the cruciferous tubers like radishes, turnips, parsnips, and horseradish that will give a great big flavour punch to avoid 'another boring salad' or stir-fry syndrome.

Add flaxseed oil or hempseed oil into your diet. Great for skin and hair but also wonderful for a host of other 'connections' within the body and natural detoxification.

A frank look at the breast cancer industry:

Using products with carcinogenic ingredients cannot help 'the fight against breast cancer'. "No, I won't buy it because it's in a pink bottle. I mean,'s still full of carcinogenic sh*t."

The money it takes a company to reorganise a whole run of product with pink packaging could be funneled into research or prevention education,...easily.

Pandering to well-funded corporate sponsoring is not doing anyone any favours. How many more pink-bits-of-plastic-something can we really use? fhs...

Irradiating breast tissue as an examination is no longer necessary as there are other, safer, options available now.

The false positive reporting from radiation breast screening is staggering and is damaging women.

Supporting people with breast cancer to lead a clean and healthy life, with assistance to move through whichever therapy they choose (modern medicine has a place and for some it is the only option they are comfortable with), is key to helping them recover and live well.

Taking a test every 3 to 5 years can not and does not prevent cancer.

Taking daily steps to reduce toxicity in the body, home and mind will promote great health and can prevent cancer.

Making the switch to real natural and synthetic-free products can take some time to get used to. The fragrances are different. They don't linger for 24hrs (yup, natural scents rarely linger for more than 6 hrs) and they don't make your pores stop sweating...which is a good thing. You'll find they are gentler in nature if properly prepared/formulated, and will help you feel calmer, more together and with a lot less toxic 'baggage' to carry around day to day. I say personal care products without meaning make-up, that's another area entirely, and one you can also begin a journey on by connecting in with the #kindbeauty, #greenbeauty and #cleanbeauty hashtags to explore further.

Blessings for wonderful boobie health.



PS: If you would like a Custom Blend made to order please get in touch via the Contact page. You can have a specific set of oils and your choice of Carrier Oil as a roller wand or body oil in a serum pump bottle.

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