Skin Bling,'s a thing.

A photo from the bench...each one is hand poured from a microbatch blend.

Looks liquid but it's a luscious solid. Bioglitter balms are soft on the skin but deliver the bling! (...I'm SUCH a lyrical gangstar)

'Skinbling'. It's a thing, but make sure yours is not plastic litter or mined by children in horrid conditions. Did you know that mica, that shimmer that is in most every sparkly makeup product, is mined in pretty awful conditions by poor families who use their small children to enter the mines. They get in futher,'s a job, but it's one that leaves them sick and sometimes injured or worse from the harsh conditions of this industry. When I found that out I decided not to use mica, because the provenance of it is difficult to establish and it's hard to find any that is truly 'fair trade'.

I instead developed a balm that's all natural and made with 100% Certified Organic ingredients AND used shimmer grade and glitter grade biodegradable glitter that's made from plant cellulose. It's marine safe, wastewater safe and compostable.

Nine beautiful blends by



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