Just in time for Christmas

All over the world, this time of year signifies a celebration of sorts. Whether it's a religious observance or simply a seasonal honouring of the wheel of time ever turning on.

The holiday season has some wonderful 'things' about it; pool parties, dressing 'up' in a sundress and sandals, beach days... and some pretty woeful ones too...I'm thinking primarily of the garish crap in stores from October onwards and carols, jingles and season-pop earworms that do me in completely. Ugh! That's why I enjoy shopping from home; aircon on, ice cubes in drink, feet up and happy. Take your hot carpark and noise and crowds and be done with it, but I'm sitting pretty right here ;)

It's also much more eco-friendly to online shop from handmakers and local artisans, because we encourage local economy and support the artistic community, which I feel very passionately about. Supporting these people who like me source ethical ingredients with care and attention and work small to produce quality, not quantity. This was one of the reasons to launch the 'Eco-hamper'.

There's a lot of packaging that will be simply tossed away this end-of-year during thankyou celebrations and festive season get togethers. To reduce this you can order an Eco-hamper ... choose any products from MEM'S website and have them placed into one box with biodegradable packing and keep it simple...

Eco-hampers are available for any order over $60 and come with a Personalised Gift Voucher.

Alternatively you can now order a digital Gift Card from MEM and let your loved one pick and choose for themselves.

Eco-hampers come with free delivery Australia wide as they are eligible on orders over $60. Yay! But order before December 16 to ensure delivery before December 24th. If you're ordering for Solstice celebrations on the 21st, please place your order before December 13.

Blessings and Best Wishes for an awesome Holiday Season



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Order now to ensure delivery in time for Solstice 🌞 or Christmas 🌲

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