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I was asked sometime during 2018 to put together more 'kits' for aromatherapy products that people could try out at home. I thought this a wonderful idea, and then it was almost the end of 2018 and my 'short manual of introductory recipes' was still not proofread, and the list of photographs to be included in the instruction leaflets still not done. The pitfalls of a one woman show.

The good news is that I did manage to put together one kit and so I introduce to you the first one off the rank, the DIY Lip Balm Kit.

Packaged in a recyclable and compostable card box, everything you need is included in pre-measured amounts. It is quite literally 'melt and pour'...that's it. (All you may need to get is a stainless steel or pyrex jug as they have a pouring spout and it makes the whole process a lot easier).

I hope that people with sensitive skin or sensitivities to certain scents will enjoy this DIY approach as it saves so much time and money when you know exactly what is going into your products. Especially for those who are pregnant, nursing or caring for someone with acute sensitivities, it's exhausting trying to find products that are 'real natural', and that display ALL ingredients in plain language. MEM gets this. I 100% get this. That's why I label everything clearly and will be more than happy to talk to anyone about bespoke products, because I thoroughly understand the importance of buying clean products when faced with sensitivities. However, bespoke productts are expensive by nature because they are exceptionally unique, for you and you alone. This is where having 'base recipes' is brilliant because depending on your needs, you can adjust them to suit you. Great hey?

This particular recipe uses beeswax, that I find a very luxurious ingredient to work with, and it is a natural preservative, giving the product amazing shelf-life and robustness. The beeswax used in this kit comes from a local hive that was abandoned by the swarm. This photo shows a comparison between the wax I got and some other wax harvested from a different hive. It's light coloured because the bees weren't feeding on pollen at the time of making the wax, and probably abandoned the hive due to lack of pollen.

For those of you committed to a vegan philosophy I will be launching a Vegan All Purpose Balm Base recipe very soon, and a DIY body lotion which will also use botanical wax instead of beeswax.

I've been stocking some Apothecary Supplies for a while now, so you can pre-purchase glass jars, amber bottles, atomiser lids to make sprays, pump lids for body oils and a lot of other 'little things' like pipettes and small labels that you will need to set up your own 'mini-lab'.

All kits will also come with a Refill Pack so you can reuse your packaging which is an environmentally friendly course of action to take. Every little bit helps with the choices we make for a less waste, synthetic free, low plastic usage and more natural home.




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