2019 Feng Shui Forecast - 5 things to know for peace, health and success

Happy 2019 Year of The Pig everyone! There's an amazing frequency buzzing in the atmosphere at this time of the year. I hope you have enjoyed a peaceful festive season and wish you all the best for the New Year.

What I particularly love about this time of the year is the plans that I'm putting in place and the other smaller 'actions' I'm taking to set my year up. Time flies all too quickly lately and with all of us under pressure each week and month, it's essential to have a few 'flags' that keep us on track for success in business, in health, in 'life in general'.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, I use the Flying Stars method to track and forecast energy combinations each month. Using this knowledge helps me to maintain the energy of the spaces I live and work in, the health alerts I may need to be aware of, and the optimum timing for special occasions.

Think of Feng Shui as 'little steps to harmony'. You don't need to know everything right now, but it makes sense to plan ahead and maintain your spaces for optimum health and happiness.

I put it all together in a calendar / manual each year called The Annual Influences Guide and this year, 2019, marks the 12th year of publication! Holistic Feng Shui uses all the authentic feng shui knowledge without the cultural additions. In this way it's in plain language that you can follow regardless of your belief system.

So what are these 5 things you'll want to know about?

- The location of the Wealth Star (activate to increase wealth opportunities)

- The location of the Health Star (clarify to subdue any potentials for illhealth)

- The location of the Change Star (calm to subdue any uncomfortable events occurring)

- The direction of the Three Sha (keep an eye on to avoid problematic events)

- The direction of the Grand Duke (sit with your back to it to gain support for important endeavours)

There are other significant 'stars' to know about, but these are generally the 'need to know' influences that I map out and make sure I and my clients are aware of.

Above is the diagram of The Bagua with the Annual Stars in place. North is at the bottom, South the top, West to the right, East to the Left....

The Wealth Star 8 is in the Centre Palace which means the central area or space in any building. It needs to be 'fed' with great energy, Fire Element representations, and clean running water. Remove ALL things that are broken or unloved, unused and uncared for. Repair anything that has broken and needs to be used regularly or is of an aesthetic element in this area (eg: an appliance or door handle, the paintwork or flooring). Infuse great energy with beautiful aromatics that invoke energy like Lemon, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot. A diffuser or vapouriser would be magic in this area as it is clean water being activated for a long period of time. Not as potent as a desktop water feature but it is beautiful, uplifting energy.

The Health Star 2 in the NE requires a representation of Metal energy and some physical still water. NOT a running water feature. In Feng Shui we use a 'Salt Water Cure' for this which is a glass vase filled halfway with pure rock salt and half with pure still water. Placed in the area of the Star 2 it generates a cleansing frequency to alleviate health issues. It's also an area that benefits from being 'serene' and very tidy. Anything ugly in this area during 2019 will manifest illhealth usually in the form of a digestive system upset. This is very important to know if it's your Front Door area (the Ming Tang), Kitchen, Dining or Bedroom.

The Change Star 5 is in the SW and it is very important this year to take notice of the type of energy that is here both inside and outside your property. Add in The Sound of Metal (one of the most potent energy cleansers ever) using beautiful metal wind chimes or strings of shiny new bells that will catch the breeze and 'sing'. This year the discomfort would most likely manifest as illhealth to do with digestive system issues, it may also manifest as the Mother personality being affected by illhealth. Take care of your Mumma this year...

The Three Sha is a huge galactic influence that relates to our sense of harmony. It is a very 'insidious' energy that will curl around an occupant of a property slowly, taking away one harmony at a time until there is very little Sheng Qi (good energy) left at all. Think of it like a strangler vine...it works slowly but with deft efficiency. For this reason it's important to 'keep an eye on it' and always face this direction for work or important events. In 2019 it has moved to the West.

The Grand Duke is much more forthright than The Three Sha and works to help people as long as they have it to their back. It supports endeavours for commerce, leadership, progression and ambition. If 'faced' it feels that a challenge is being thrown down and will move into 'attacking' the occupant of the property with unhelpful events. These may manifest as injuries, misfortunes of business dealings, legal problems and mostly entanglements with Authority figures like governmental and regulatory organisations. It is a relatively tiny energy to deal with and is located in the middle of the NW sector in 2019

For more information on Holistic Feng Shui and the Annual Influences Guide pop over to the Earth Magic page and take a look around.

There's a new ebook to help you understand FSFS a little better. 'How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui' explains the philosophy of Elemental Balancing. It's free with your purchase of the AIG. This was originally part of the Reference Pages in previous AIG's but it's been revamped and expanded! I hope you enjoy using this alongside your AIG 2019.




If you would like further information about how the Annual Influences affect you and or your property, book a consultation here. Please note, that while I love to help people to understand more about Flying Stars, I am unable to answer in depth questions without a consultation as I am already committed to assisting current and past students, as well as current projects and assessments for paying clients.

Fees for each level of Assessment are available upon request and reports are usually able to be turned around in less than 10 days for the basic remote observation that will help you map out your year ahead. These reports are not computer generated. They are collated individually by me for you and your property and your specific details.

More in depth Assessments take up to 3 weeks to collate and contain detailed information about you, your property and what potentials you can expect over the next 2yrs.

Please note that all Assessments are for one property and up to two occupants. Your business or commercial property is a separate Assessment and needs to be booked as such.

Jannette Tibbs

Senior Flying Stars Feng Shui Consultant

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