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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Magic Earth Mumma was inspired by both the need to have something I couldn't afford, and realising that what I really wanted, I couldn't find. My business originated from focusing on what I needed, but my business development came from focusing on what my customers needed.

This kind of client-driven-product-development helps to create products that people really want and need, rather than formulating a product and then having to overtly market it. I put a lot of importance on the feedback I get from customers and find that through listening to their likes, dislikes, suggestions and criticisms I can find my way to a formulation that speaks to a majority of people.

Case in point is the new formulation of SolarBalm.

I originally formulated the Everyday Solarbalm to be a hardy, long wearing, 'stand-up-to-a-dip-in-the-sea, solid balm, but the feedback was that it was difficult to apply in cool weather (which I unfortunately didn't notice because I always applied it after my facial oil...) so I've reformulated it, three times in the last 18months!

Now it is a solid lotion... think 'cream' but without the sh*tload of synthetic preservative. It goes on smoothly over dry skin and gives you that barrier without the 'white-as-a-ghost' face. If you see any small flecks of white non-nano Zinc powder in the blend don't worry...they disappear with application. Non-nano Zinc gives a broad spectrum protection from the sun. The balm protects from the wind and water. I've even found out it repels sandflies from a few customers! bonus! (Feedback is always appreciated).

At MEM your voice is heard. I'm a small enterprise and when you talk to me I listen, and then probably talk your ear off getting to the extra details ;), but the end result is worth it for you and for me.

Take a look at the product range and tell me what you most love and tell me if something you love isn't there anymore. I'd love to know!



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