3 Simple Steps to better skin

1. Stop using soap.

2. Stop cleansing in the morning.

3. Don't moisturise your skin, FEED it.

That's not very like MEM information is it? Lots of 'stop' and 'don't'...I'm usually far more into positive assertion that negative directive. But I want to get to the point. And I want you to take notice of what you are reading.

It's easy to connect-the-dots and see that mainstream products with a shelf life of up to 2 years+ will contain a lot of preservative.

Herein lies the true beauty of real-natural skincare done with knowledge, and it carries with it the realisation that there is a high-risk action in using synthetic chemicals in personal care and household maintenance products every day of your life.

We got that? Good, let's continue.

Your skin produces natural oils called Sebum. This stuff is gold but unfortunately we have been conditioned into believing that this oil is 'bad' and needs to be removed so we don't get 'oily skin'. Wrong. Sebum contains some of the most sought after skincare ingredients including squalene (that in cosmetics is called Squalane and is derived from Olive Oil in high end products,... but unfortunately is also produced from shark liver, therefore, check your labels, check the manufacture's product details), fatty acids (like we have in Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil) and wax esters (like we find in Jojoba).

So you may be asking "How to I make the best out of the squalene I'm producing?",...it's so simple that you'll think your great grandma is writing this article.

The 3 Step Skin Ritual - Morning

1. In the morning, do not wash away all your sebum using a soap or any kind of skin detergent. Lightly wash the face with water and a wet, soft cloth. Massage your face gently using your fingertips to move this precious sebum around and nourish your skin.

The quality of your sebum also relates to what you eat and there are plenty of things you can choose from to help you balance sebum production, including a great intake of chlorophyll rich greens, free-range eggs, activated nuts, small amounts of citrus, good amounts of fibrous fruits, lean oily fish and natural salts. Avoid dairy, gluten, alcohol and sugar. It's pretty standard 'healthy' really...

2. If you have dry skin after this simple cleansing then you will need/require a facial oil and/or balm to feed, hydrate and protect your skin. The best option is a water-free gel like TEA SILK, PETAL SILK or PANACEA. A facial oil like BALANCE or SERENE only needs about 3 to 5 drops to use on damp skin from the neckline to the forehead. Used sparingly these will give your skin a soft and comfortable skin tone. If you use small amounts of oil based products onto damp skin you will find it absorbs well and won't leave you feeling 'oily'.

If you are super-sensitive try ANGELWINGS Multipurpose Oil.

3. Apply an environmental protective balm like EVERYDAY SOLARBALM for further protection from UVA, UVB and everyday pollutants.

The 3 Step Skin Ritual - Evening

1. Use a water-activated cleanser like DEVOTEE, BALANCE or LUMINOUS to remove daily pollutants and make up, and solarbalm. You may need to do this twice depending on your makeup.

If you are using an oil based make up then an oil based cleanser is best. You can use ANGELWINGS again or you could opt for trying something like SHIMMER instead. Oil connects with oil and it will help to remove the make up without stripping your skin.

2. Use your wet facial cloth to get rid of residue and finish with a light misting of Hydrating Essence Mist. CALM is a great one for an evening routine as it contains essential oils and essences to promote good sleep.

3. Feed your skin with a treatment like BLESSING, PANACEA or SKIN ELIXIR facial oil. Massage in lightly with fingertips or a Gua Sha tool.

Everyone is different and we should also be aware that our skin changes during the month and during the seasons. Your skin routine needs to be adjustable for you, your skin and your lifestyle. It can be an effortless and enjoyable process and one that is wholly natural too.




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