Autumnal Delights - Seasonal Box

You know how sometimes you open a seasonal box and it can be less than thrilling because it's filled with 'end of line samples' and things look a bit crumpled and 'handled'?

Well that was one of the inspirations for my seasonal boxes because I wanted to make something absolutely different from what I'd ever received... I wanted MEM's Seasonal Boxes to be awesome. Instead of just chucking anything together I took some time to think about what I'd gather around me at this time of year. The result is the collection of items in the seasonal box.

I make these products to order, and I have included a few 'mystery gifts' for both the Mini and Regular size boxes (exciting hey?!).

I had been wanting to put together a seasonal box for so long and just decided that now was the right time. AUTUMNAL DELIGHTS Seasonal Box contains handpicked products to help you connect with some solid self-care items that will fortify your mind, body and spirit for the coming cooler weather.

They are amazing value with the Regular box containing over $100 of products for only $65 with free shipping Australia wide.

The Mini box is a wonderful opportunity to introduce someone to Magic Earth Mumma, or simply grab over $60 of products for only $45.

At the moment I'm collating a Mothers Day Box with a selection of very nurturing and luxurious items sure to make anyone schedule in some more self-care sessions! After all, our families are full of people who don't fit the regular definition of 'mum'. Sometimes the ones that mother us most are our best friends, our neighbours, our aunties and sometimes even our workmates who look out for us so well.

It's in this spirit of appreciating someone for what they do for us that I like to celebrate Mothers Day. Mums do a hell of a lot these days, and we need to understand that if for only one day we can give a token of what we want to say, we are showing these hard workers, these 'heart workers', that they matter, that we see them, that we feel and we appreciate them so very much. (Mothers Day this year is May 12th).

Until then...immerse yourself in Autumnal bliss and cosy up. Cool weather is coming (thank heavens!!!).

Take a look at the new section called 'Me, Myself & I' which is the prequel to the Mothers Day box I think ;)

I've put this together to offer you and insight into what would be the most blissful gifts to give to someone ... like yourself! ;)




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