A life less ordinary... no, wait...

Blessings for a beautiful start to Autumn (c'mon cool weather!!!) and a smooth path through what is proving to be the most loopy, unstable, confronting, heart-wrenching, w-t-a-f, rollercoaster life portal I've encountered for some time. Are you all feeling that too?

THIS is what I'm vapourising, inhaling and anointing with atm to remain calm and afloat. Astral Traveler. And I'm anointing my heart chakra with Abracadabra too. Heaven knows I can use all the magic I can muster right now.

I really don't know how I'd cope day to day without aromatherapy. I'm a dawn-grass-stepper, sunset-watcher, star-gazer, tea-drinker, essence-maker, clean-eater, meditating mumma... but still, life can just dish up waves that completely 'dump' me over and over again. I think 'How the hell am I getting through this?',(how the hell does anyone get through this?!) and I think about the way I live my life now is in honour of what I am. I'm a powerful Being in a vastly powerful universe. I never understood how powerful I was. I never knew how much power you can draw on with connection to the natural world. But now I do. Now I use that and am incredibly grateful for it.

I believe there is always an unseen energy at work and there are natural forces we simply cannot outrun or outwit. Doesn't mean I capitulate and give in, but it does mean I find a peacefulness in knowing that there are things I cannot control.

It's all good. Finding the grace within the opportunity to panic...or the acceptance of 'what is' within the moment where blame is obvious, that's where I find immense gratitude for the strengths I've taken the time to understand.

So for now, it's time to give Time some, er... time. Let it do its thing and get out of its way. See you on the other side beautiful people. xx


"Being different isn't a bad thing. It means you're brave enough to be yourself."

"They think I'm a bit odd you know."

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