Mumma says, "Make it yourself." DIY Lip Balm Kit that's all botanical.

Updated: May 6, 2020

MEM's DIY Lip Balm Kit can be used to make all kinds of balms and salves. It's my very own 'fool proof' recipe for a balm base that you can make into many other items. Add in some essential oil to make it into a scented lip balm or perfume oil base, a medicated one to make a 'nicks and scratches' stick, or a soothing one for applying as a chest rub when ill or feeling delicate.

Now you can choose between a DIY Lip Balm Kit with Beeswax or Botanical Wax, so if you're vegan or allergic to beeswax there is an alternative! I've created this recipe to use with organic Shea Butter which is rich in nutrients and delicious to use. Shea Butter can granulate if heated too much or too long, so it's important to follow the recipe and refrigerate your balms for cooling and curing during hot weather. Granulation does not take away any of it's nutritive goodness but it can feel unpleasant on the skin and is best avoided, so there are specific steps to take which I've set out in detail in the instruction sheet.

This post has instructions for making your balm into more of a salve (softer) and some tips about dilutions when adding in essential oils to a base. Great idea for school holiday activities, baby shower fun or just to gain a little confidence in making your own remedies and cosmetics.

To make a salve with your Lip Balm Kit add in another 10g of botanical butter (ie: Cacao Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter) and stir thoroughly during the last stage of melting before pouring. This produces a 'richer' consistency similar to a cream. Alternatively, if you added in 3 to 5g of essential oil (or blend or carrier oil) you'll end up with a softer mixture. Allow your balm to cool to about 40C before stirring again and then pouring. This action makes the blend 'smoother', a similar method to tempering chocolate.

To make a scented balm using the basic recipe in either Kit, add in 3g of essential oil or blend in carrier to the blend at the very end of the method and stir gently through the mixture before pouring. These can be used with your favourite Perfume Oil to produce your own solid perfumes, which are skin loving and great for anyone who has dry skin that seems to 'drink in' their perfume.

Use the scented balm method to make your own sleepy-time blends for use with children. This is a great alternative to 'drops and drips'. A balm goes where you put it and stays there. Just remember not to put it on the backs of hands or anywhere that the child can rub it accidentally into their eyes, nose or mouth. The chest and nape of neck (at the back) are the best places to apply a sleepy-time or vapour balm.

Just poured balms ready for curing. Little pools of golden light.

I've added in 4 stainless steel tins and 3 wind up tubes to the kit so you can see which works out best for you. Refills for ingredients are available on the listing so you can reuse your tins indefinitely.

Each Kit contains enough measured ingredients to make up to 7 lip balms!

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