Real Natural Skincare for maturing skin - what are you accepting?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

...beyond the hype there is happiness, confidence and peaceful contentment.

If you're on social media of any kind, you'll probably be seeing loads of ads targeted at maturing skin with the presumption that it is 'normal' to get pseudo natural treatments. It starts to make you think that these kinds of treatments are plausible routes to take to 'look good and feel great' (as those ads constantly remind you), intimating that you are less than that if you don't go in for these treatments.

This plays to your fears and insecurities. They'll label them 'organic', 'botanical', and that all important word, 'natural', and unless you research ingredients thoroughly you'll not be aware that there is only a tiny amount of botanical in there amongst a major filler that's synthetic. Looking beyond the slick marketing you will see the synthetics that make up a majority of the product with a tiny amount of botanical or organic ingredient.

You will find out about the testing that needs to be carried out for these treatments to be authorised for human use, and you may shudder.

But who does that much research?...

Well, I do that kind of research.

(Here's a tiny bit here that demonstrates the situation using just chemical peels as the subject of investigation but consider it a generalisation for all plastic surgery treatments and sub-treatments)

Some of these chemical and surgical treatments are around $1200 to $1700 with a caveat that results 'may last up to 12months' (and remember you will still need to cleanse, condition (tone) and hydrate (moisturise) your skin during that 12 months). The treatments described are either invasive or painful or both. Frequently asked questions about this are answered with the suggestion that clients take pain killers around half an hour before their appointment. So that's wonderful right? Take painkillers and then drive to your skincare appointment? Gahd! Well at least you'll be somewhat 'pliable' while you're in there and they may be able to sell you loads of extra stuff you don't need too...because these kinds of treatments also (usually) require an amount of time to heal.

MEM customers use products that are concentrated, potent and effective, yet contain no synthetics at all and are naturally cruelty-free...

  • Please treat your skin with care and intention. That includes delivering the nutrients and frequencies your body needs to make the best skin you can have.

  • Please don't fall for a quick fix that could leave you with bigger problems than what you started with.

  • Please research your ingredients and do the work yourself so you don't end up regretting costly pseudo-surgical treatments.

  • Please use real plant botanicals that do not need to be injected into you.

Simply absorb the good stuff regularly and age gracefully.

I'm 46 and a mother of 4. I look 46. I'm not going to try and look 19 (like my daughter) or 'grab back a few years' and look like my little sister who's 6 years my junior. I'm me. I want to feel good with healthy happy skin. And I wish this for other women and men too.

For those who don't know me, I have a history of severe dermatitis and sensitivity. It's been long education and a successful outcome due to holistic methods. It's not been plain sailing or an easy journey or a cheap one either. I get you. It's tough! If you're ready to get REAL natural skincare, get in touch.

If you need help choosing a natural skincare routine for you that suits you and your lifestyle, book in a Skincare Your Way consultation now. There are three levels of consult to choose from and we spend time to find out what will be best for you.




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