Life is supposed to be 'full', but...

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Seems that everyone is on some point of their journey with the 'god of busyness'. Some have called it out for what it is, others are well into the worship of it in some form or another. Some are oppressed by its presence in their life or society. This false deity is an ever-present issue our modern times. So when it comes to Life, how full is too full?

Simply put, we are all racing to keep the balls in the air. We want it all, but struggle to keep everything on course and mouth off about 'needing less to feel more'. We finish one project only to be handed another, or enticed by something new. Is it a case of short term focus syndrome? or simply the fact of the world we live in that we are forced to 'be' so much more than just who we are?

If it's not a school or community group, business strategy or charity event, then it's quite possible that simply a schedule for work-home-family that places us in the pipeline, strapped in and bolted down to an end goal 'far away' from it all. The one thing I hear most often is "...but with all the things I do, I'm still not feeling good" or "One day I'll get to spend time on Me", and those phrases are simply drowned out by the hurry to get from one place to another before we can find time to rest...a bit.

Everyone's idea of peace is different. For me I find peace in an ordered placement of my home and work, from quiet moments with my family and from knowing that I have put aside time each day to check in on myself. Conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit brings a marked difference to how I feel mentally, emotionally and physically. To do this I use a potent combination of therapies that weave a web of support for me. (There is no magic bullet).

A moment in time with a cleansing tea is time well spent...

It may be the diffuser I've got on in my sanctuary space that fills the air with beautiful healing and cleansing vapours, or the balm I use to nourish my hands with after doing something banal like household jobs, the tea I stop to make and sip slowly. It could be the 15 minutes I spend tree gazing, gardening or listening to a sonic healing. It is often the choices we make with how we nourish ourselves with food and experiences that ultimately make a difference to our lives. And these 'everyday things' that are necessary, they don't have to be part of any busy practice.

We all have to clean our bodies and spaces, so why not make that a healing ritual. It's one of the reasons why the skincare products are called 'Skin Ritual' because they contain vibrational essences to boost their capacity to maintain your health on levels that are not evident. It becomes a daily devotion you perform without needing any props. You've got to wash your face so why not make that a healthy process? You've got to clean your body so why not make that a healthy process too? You need to apply deodorant before you go out so why not make that a toxic free application that doesn't tax your body's energy? The logic is boggling.

Bodywash and Flower Essences blend: simple steps to nourishing you on all levels.

The unseen layers of energy are where stress, tension and imbalance can be held, and if not released, that can turn into illnesses that we then find completely stop us in our tracks. I'd prefer not to go down that path. What about you?

By daily attention to these energy layers with healing frequencies and pure, clean personal care, we can in effect maintain better health; great health, and a much more peace-focused life, away from the oppressive subjugation to 'busyness'. Make 'health and wellness' part of your support system for the life you lead and then watch that frequency ripple out into everything you are and everything you do.




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