2020 Annual Influences Guide

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Every year for the past decade or more I have collated a Calendar to help me track and utilise the annual energies. Back in 2006 I began formally studying Flying Stars Feng Shui via the Institute of Holistic Feng Shui on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I found that the concept of a more Westernised approach to this ancient study easy to assimilate, and from there on in I've always approached Feng Shui theory from its source teachings of the I Ching / 'The Book of Changes', and my own observations of energy. In this way I've been able to let go of the more complicated and irrelevant traditional superstitions that encumber pure observation (but are equally as important in a cultural sense to those who follow them) and gain a clarity around the influences that affect Life here on Earth.

This year I'm incorporating more of the kinds of observational techniques I use everyday and throughout the seasons to help find solutions, understand issues arising in the Present and plan for the Future. I know that with cool detachment to whatever issue we are facing, we are more likely to identify a suitable solution if we aren't being distracted by fear, doubt or oppressive thoughts. In the Annual Influences Guide I'll be taking you step-by-step through the energy combinations for each Direction and how they may be used to enhance your life, work, wealth and health, to help lead you into a state of flow where harmony is easily achievable in even the most rocky energetic terrain.

So what's the low-down on 2020?

The energy coming in during the end of January 2020 is the Star 7. It's associated with speech, youthful feminine, joy, pleasure...and destruction. As a Metal energy it is linked to our skin but its primary bodily associations are the teeth, mouth, thorax and chest. It can be our armour and our sword. Speech can wound or soothe and so can the energy of the Heart. The ability to share this radiating pure-love is something we can focus on if we are put in a position where we must reveal someone's 'truth' to them, or conversely if we are on the receiving end of a hard-to-take truth.

In the coming year it will be evident in geo-politics that the use of words will play an even greater role in outing corruption (that's the destruction part) and to perhaps shine light on those in power who are abusing their office for pleasure (perhaps fraudulent use of funds and or exploitation of the vulnerable). It may also further the youthful feminine energy to be empowered to speak with support from the Annual Influence. Star 7 in the home is often linked to childlike honesty - those 'blunt truths' we'd sometimes rather not express as adults with our polite conversational tactics. Kids say what they want, and they don't beat around the bush when it comes to telling you what they perceive.

What is Flying Stars Feng Shui?

Ok, there's a lot I could write, but here's the background in bite size bits...

Despite what you may think you know about feng shui, much of it is cultural superstition unique to the culture it is in. The authentic Feng Shui comes from the I Ching, or Book of Changes, that is over 3000 years old. It's based on complex interpretations of galactic energy influences and is tracked astrologically as well as directionally. Each Feng Shui New Year begins on the new Solar Cycle when the Sun is directly at 15 degrees into the constellation of Aquarius, this occurs on February 5th in 2020. (It usually falls between Feb 3 to 6th).

The Chinese New Year is a Lunar Cycle and begins on the second New Moon after Solstice and in January 2020 this occurs on the evening of the 24th to 25th.

Using the Directional energy influences can help you when unforeseen or unexpected things happen. Each Direction is associated with a Life Aspect, season, landscape, colour, shape, personality, bodily function, body part and more. They are referred to as 'Stars' in Flying Stars Feng Shui (FSFS) because the influence is galactic in origin, affecting our planet and in turn our lives. In Feng Shui, 'everything is connected', so if you have galactic 'goings on' you can bet your favourite

There are nine Stars depicting the 8 Cardinal Directions and the Centre. When a situation arises we use the Stars' descriptions (this is probably more familiar as The Bagua, depicted above with the 2020 chart inlaid) to identify which part of our property we may need to inspect, assess and implement an Elemental change in to elicit a harmonious response or outcome.

For example: during a combination of energies like Star 5 (Change) and 3 (Commerce) we may have problems with contracts, negotiations or transactions. It is labelled 'The Litigation Combination'. As Star 5 is an Earth Element and Star 3 a Wood Element they are in a 'non-harmonious' cycle of energy, with Wood 'seeking to control' Earth. FSFS theory suggests that to harmonise this cycle we 'distract' Earth with Metal, and Metal will also weaken Star 3 Wood. This is called 'Elemental Balancing' and is a way of manipulating energy in our surroundings to promote harmony and peace.

Or as a physical repre I can use the analogy of a large 60's style brick wall in brown. As a Feng Shui Practitioner I have seen this kind of place in many 'renovation ready' properties and they are always an eyesore.

This is a very 'hard' Earth structure in both colour (brown) and shape (Rectangular or Cubic).

To give it a quick fix that won't cost the client too much I would suggest painting it white as this is a Metal colour and will efficiently reduce the Earth energy. Then the application of round metallic decoration in the form of a large mirror or circular artwork to further enhance the Metal energy.

It's little things like this that you can do to dramatically change the energy of a space, that don't require building work, or anything brass and tasselled... Feng Shui can be creative, fun and easy if you follow the rules of how energy moves from phase to phase. It is always in constant motion over Time and Space and having the means to manipulate it to achieve success and harmony for you and others is a gift from thousands of years of observations.

In many ways, Flying Stars is a series of commonsense approaches to living an organised and comfortable life. It does have a lot of complex charting, but I manage to abbreviate as much of that as possible for you, and provide the 'what and where' in simple and straightforward language.

As each Monthly energy comes into contact with the Annual energy of each Direction, they form a combination. THIS is what I use to decipher what kind of energy layers you may expect in your home or workplace. The AIG is also a Calendar with each month's chart accompanied by a short summary of suggestions to improve and maintain harmonious flow. You don't have to know anything about Flying Stars Feng Shui to benefit from the AIG, but to help you understand how the elements react to each other I have produced 'How To Use The Five Elements With Flying Stars Feng Shui'... the title says it all. This simple reference handbook can help anyone to create harmonious spaces with everyday items they have, and a little quiet thought.

The Annual Influences Guide is available to order now. They are a digital download sent immediately at purchase from magicearthmumma.com, or you can choose a Print On Demand hardcopy sent anywhere in the world.

This year I've also produced a Lunar Phase Wall Chart to serve two purposes. Firstly, it helps you track the intensity of energy we are experiencing so you can plan to utilise the Yang and Yin to your advantage. Secondly, it's a representation of Water Element in Shape and Colour, so perfect for the central area of properties this year. There is a little one included in the AIG 2020, but this large poster size is stunning and you'll enjoy the clarity of the at-a-glance style.

Order it here.

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