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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

My youngest daughter began to have some small skin irritations around her mouth. We identified that they were probably related to some colours included in a few sweets she had eaten, and possibly the onset of puberty related hormonal changes. You can do a little TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) investigation of what certain areas of the face relate to using a facial chart, and I'll be following up with a post all about this tool for understanding your skin.

Dry, red and itchy patches had formed in areas around the mouth and chin. These indicate toxin overwhelm or blockage in the bowels and/or kidneys, and imbalance in the reproductive system. The digestive blockage was discussed, with a few possible 'culprits' being identified. More water and cutting out the foods that made her feel 'yuck' will hopefully help this out. The imbalance in the reproductive organs is all completely normal for her age and now that her skin has flagged this as an issue she can begin with hormonal balancing treatments. I have always encouraged my children to enjoy herbal teas and they often ask for a 'sleepytime tea'. This can be anything from a peppermint concoction for upset tummies, chammomile for jangled nerves or an overactive mind, to a more sedative blend like 'Bliss & Flow' that also comprises some uterine balancers and nervines (nerve fortification and calming).

The redness, dry patches and irritating itchiness increased over a few days (this can be the 'healing crisis' so often discussed in holistic health) so I suggested she use the BALANCE Powdered Facial Cleanser that her older siblings use to control and treat any teen breakouts. Product advice can be suggested after the skin has had a chance to detox. It's one reason that I used Rescue Remedy, water intake increase, toxin reduction and support herbal teas as part of the first aid. Product efficacy is always going to be about helping the healing of what has happened, and not as a sole 'thing' for the prevention to any skin issue.

After a day or two she was so happy with the results that she went off to record the very simple routine she used. Here it is...

She uses BALANCE Powdered Facial Cleanser onto damp/wet skin. She adds a little water to the powder to make a loose paste and simply rubs it over her skin (just as you would any lotion-like product) avoiding her eyes. She rinses it off with cool water and pats gently to remove droplets.

The moisturiser she is using at the moment is the EVERYDAY EnviroProtection Lotion. She has fair and freckled skin, so this is important for someone with her complexion. Our climate here in Queensland is UV harsh all year round, so anyone with fair skin needs to protect it daily.

I love that she chose to finish off her skincare routine with one of the MEM eau de parfums I gave her (aw! 'Crystal Roses' is everyone's favourite). This is so good for young people (girls or boys) to take on board. Pure aromatics encourage good emotions and that sets up good hormonal balance. It's Holistic Skincare 'at work'...

You may ask why she isn't using a 'toner' or skin conditioner. The Powdered Facial Cleansers act as both cleanser and conditioner. They leave skin feeling soft and smooth, never tight or dry. Some people won't even need a moisturiser after cleansing with one of MEM's powdered cleansers. However I do suggest you use a hydrating Botanical Essence Mist during the day to maintain skin and emotions, and if you have dry patches use a small amount of Facial Oil to help them heal and regenerate. I offer the Facial Oils in a mini 6ml roller so you can take it with you anywhere and the roller inhibits you from over-using it.

If it's easy enough for an 11 year old, surely it's easy enough for you? ;)

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