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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I ask because I receive many compliments and positive feedback for the products I make. MEM's purely natural and synthetic-free products are unique and I really want you to find out WHY.

Why have people chosen to ditch their bodywash gel in favour of a powdered formula?

Why have they stopped buying their supermarket 'faves' and switched to handmade naturals?

Why are they blabbing on and on about 'soapfree cleansing' with a manic-happy glint in their eyes?

I believe I attract the kind of customers and clients who are already primed for something better. They've educated themselves (or started to) and made a conscious decision to find a suitable alternative. They're calling out mainstream marketing on the fear-mongering and ageism, and they are ready for honesty. They're over trying everything under the sun to 'fix' their skin. They want to step into a new kind of normal...

MEM is a lot different because it has a no synthetics policy. This goes from the base ingredients I source to formulate with, to the finished products. Everything holds an energy and I know from experience that simply using real natural will change the way you look at items of personal care. The products become more than just 'things I use'...they are an energetic web of support. From stripping your body's very practical layer of protection each time you wash, to a situation where you'll be creating a nourishing shield and healing past damage.

Eliminating toxic detergents, fragrances and preservatives helps your body, mind, spirit matrix to become more perceptive; at ease, yet aware. Why? Because if your body isn't having to use so much energy detoxing from what you're putting on your skin, into your lungs, mouth and stomach, it can very naturally be more relaxed.

You notice less tension because you're not having to fight the invisible frustration of toxic ingredients.

Give it a go :)


Sign up (on the bottom of the page) and receive a 10% discount on your first order...loads of samples are available so it's the perfect way to try things out and see how they work for you.

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