Botanical treatment of a burn.

Hello! Last week on MEM's IG stories you may have seen that I had a nasty burn to my finger, and I wanted to share the healing magic of using purely natural botanics to treat the burn. The first aid was of course lots of cool running water (with deep breathing! ouch!) and a few doses of Rescue Remedy (where would we be without our RR eh?). From there I decided to try out using straight Lavender Oil on the burn. This was a remedy I read about in Gattefosse's ('the Father of Aromatherapy') book, and it had always struck me as a bit extreme, but, his experience was that straight Lavender oil healed the skin quickly and alleviated both pain and inflammation.

Being the kind of therapist that will attempt to try out remedies, before I advise or suggest them for others, I was up for the challenge.

I dripped on some of the Lavender oil ... What occurred was incredible. The pain/stinging stopped immediately and the redness reduced within a few minutes. Success! I was so happy...and painfree. To heal the burn over the coming week I applied PANACEA Aromablend which is a Calendula in Olive infusion plus a little Helichrysum. In essence it's a very Mediteranean blend. As you can see from the photos below, the outcome is very good. Almost a complete healing in one week. I'm not astounded by this at all. The credentials of Calendula, Olive Oil and Helichrysum are well documented as skin repairing and regenerating as well as being vulnerary (wound healing) botanical agents. I'm just pleased that my misfortune was able to bring some good in form of this experiment. 

Have you got a similar experience with using essential oils or pure botanicals to treat a common injury or ailment? I'd love to hear back from you, with pictures if possible!

Panacea promotes swift healing and calming with excellent anti-inflammatory qualities that are gentle and nourishing. It's an essential for the home first aid kit to deal with any bumps and bruises, it acts as an invisible band aid, accelerating healing whilst being super gentle on sensitive skin. Use for any skin irritation, bruises, bumps, scars, wounds, grazes, bites, stings…

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