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Updated: May 28, 2020

It has been an amazingly busy two months for online purchases and I want to thank you so very much for keeping my business going and helping me keep going through the current circumstances. The beautiful messages, the e-conversations, the little love-hearts on social media :)....they all collect into this beautiful cloud of energetic support and I am incredibly grateful to you all.

"Thank you for sending it [the order] off so quickly for her & for making products with such authentic love and care. You are doing such wonderful work!!! I am so grateful we have connected!" Emily

"Thanks for the booklet as with everything you do - it looks amazing, high quality and made with such love and care! Thank you." Dorine

"I’m just on your website. Oh my word. Still my beating heart 💓 how do I choose from so many gorgeous goodies." Janeen

"Thankyou so much for my treasures! I love my gua sha!!! She's magic..." Tiarni

"Authentic connection with a few always trumps loads of randoms! X" Sonia

Omg...I resonate brightly with that last message!!! As always, I'm in awe of how certain people are matched up with MEM's vision.

So grateful to you all. So blessed to connect with you.

When you make an online order with a small business you receive so much more than just the products. You energetically receive their heartfelt gratitude. Can you feel that? It's a wave of emotions. It is my mind-heart-spirit realising that the hard work, self-education, self-funding sacrifices, trials and traumas, triumphs and achievements all meant something!

You have supported my vision to bring pure, botanical, synthetic free products online and accessible to many instead of just a few. Thank you.

With the trading restrictions and forced isolation, so many small businesses have not survived, which is heartbreaking. WE feel that collectively as a trauma we can't name, but nevertheless, we know it inside ourselves that there is hurt 'out there'. This all means more than job losses because we have also lost the ability to know someone's creativity or genius, and that's where small businesses come from - an initial spark of inspiration, opportunity and the pure Grace of the universe we inhabit, gifting someone the access to offer their gift to us. So with that in mind we need to be looking out for those who are re-introducing themselves with a new venture.

Creativity does not die; it gets sidetracked, postponed, delayed and more, but it doesn't just evaporate.

Keep your antennae tuned in for those who may have been forced to fold up a business but are launching something new. For those who have released their inherent gifts and now want to express that out into the world. For the artist within who has been sequestered at home with their talent, finally given time and space to bloom. They may be reaching out for help, collaboration or just support to get started. There are ripe opportunities for growth with every ending and our world is cyclic...let's look forward to the new arc of events and a bright future.

With that in mind I am going to be offering new consultations aimed at helping you identify your inherent strengths and the immense amount of support your living space can bring you when correctly attuned. I have been living in this beneficial state for so long and yet, I haven't found the opportunity to offer it until now. Sharing this magic with you is MEM's next step...let's evolve and prosper together.




Are you feeling called to find out more about optimising your living spaces to support your dreams, bring your visions to life and align you with a brighter future? Please drop me a line and let's talk. Contact me.

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