Cold Weather Skincare

What's the best routine for taking care of your skin in cold wintery weather?

As the temperature drops and the sun becomes a little more gentle, we're inclined to get outside often. Strangely, in Queensland Australia, the most oppressive time is Summer so I tend to stay indoors a lot more, and from late Autumn to early Spring I feel the effect of the outer environment so much more, because I'm out there more :)

My simple routine for cold weather skincare:

So to begin with there is no product your skin needs in the morning. "What?". Yes, this is true. Your skin should not be 'dirty' in the mornings right? You have't worn make-up or sunscreen to bed have you? Haven't been out gardening or exposed to car pollution during the night? So 'cleansing' in the morning is, well, just product marketing. Instead, massage the skin lightly in the morning to stimulate blood flow and to absorb squalene contained in the sebum produced in our skin. It forms a vital role in moisturising and protecting our skin and has significant effects on reducing premature ageing. We needs it! You can do this massage as part of a gentle wake-up routine in bed. Stretch languidly while you are warm and comfortable. Massage your face and neck, and gather your thoughts before you begin your day.

Rather than cleansing skin in the mornings, use tepid water to wake up and tone your complexion, wiping gently with a soft cloth (an organic cotton SoftSide Facial Cloth is perfect) before applying a light moisturising oil, cream or lotion.

I use SHIMMER Mulitpurpose Oil or DEWFALL Facial Oil.

There are oils for all skin conditions so just ask if you're not sure of which one to choose.

Apply EVERYDAY EnviroProtection Lotion, even if you're not going out in the sun. It works to protect from screen exposure (mobile phones, computers, tablets), as well as UV exposure from the sun, and the zinc component can help to heal skin issues while you're wearing it. 

Use a gentle cleanser every evening with tepid water, never hot. It's tempting to have hot showers during cold weather but this does nothing good for the skin, especially when we have chlorinated water (long hot showers with municipal water can literally burn skin). Stick to a mild but comfortable warmth and make it cooler if you're doing your skincare cleanse under the shower.

I use SOOTHE Powdered Cleanser most of the time, but often have to switch in BALANCE or LUMINOUS if I'm having a hormonal or stress skin issue. 

Once a week I mix up a small dish of DEVOTEE Powdered Cleanser with ILLUSION Cleansing Gel and make a luxe facial exfoliation cleanser. I gently (over exfoliation is damaging, be kind and soft with yourself) massage it in and then wash it off under the shower. Easy. This is a moisturising cleansing blend and will not strip skin of the protective mantle, but will remove dirt, pollution, make-up and sunscreen.

Before bed you can do a Gua Sha massage using a Facial Oil like VERITAS. You can also do a facial massage using your knuckles and the heel of your palms if you haven't got a Gua Sha. The action of the Gua Sha paddle pushes the oil into the dermis while also giving you some care and attention, moving around lymph and relaxing the muscles.

If you have chronically dry or damaged skin use one of the balms as a night treatment. BLESSING for mature and overly dry skin. PANACEA for damaged and lacklustre skin.

If you would like to know more about Magic Earth Mumma's synthetic free, soap free and naturally cruelty free range and how you could incorporate more purely natural products into your skincare routine, check out the Skincare Your Way Introduction or Changeover Consultations. They help to guide you to get the products that suit you and your skin the best and you'll receive a lifetime discount code to use anytime you like.

That's it! Breathe and relax. Walk and exercise every day. Greet the sun. Say hello to the sky and the trees... yay for Winter in Queensland. It's glorious!

The view from Mt Tamborine looking WNW



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