Happy New Year of The Rat

Updated: May 29, 2020

Happy Chinese New Year! and 'nearly Feng Shui New Year'!

Chinese New Year begins on the second New Moon after Solstice (in December), but the Feng Shui New Year begins on the new Solar Cycle which is usually Februay 4th to 5th. This year is a Metal Year with Star 7 influencing our activities and endeavours. It is also the Year of the Rat, which is a Water element. On the cycle of energy, Water is nourished by Metal, so this bodes well for Rat people, of which I am one :) In the 2020 Annual Influences Guide I have a few pages dedicated to the interpretation and forecast for the Chinese Zodiac, based on the Flying Stars system, that can help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses may lie this year.

The Water Rat is industrious, home-loving and family oriented. They can move at lightening speed and then be almost dormant, conserving energy whenever possible in order to be ready for their next venture...

My Zodiac interpretations are done using the Flying Stars Feng Shui system, incorporating the directional energy associations with those given to the animal(s) used in the Chinese Zodiac. As each direction holds a selection of associations, the combination of those with the Zodiac offer rich insights into health, wealth and harmony opportunities.

(If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of your Forecast for the year, book in a Personal Annual Influences Report. It includes your Chinese Zodiac profile and summary for the year as well as much much more...)

Below are short summaries of each Zodiac animal and their advice for 2020 from the AIG ... enjoy! and if you'd like to know more about Flying Stars Feng Shui, purchase the 2020 Annual Influences Guide (2020 AIG).

Rat/Mouse— The North sector hosts the Annual Star 3 Wood, associated with Commerce and Ambition. This energy sits well with the Water Rat in the Water element of the North assisting it to grow and expand. It portents a good year for Rat people to further their path in Career & Life Purpose, however their personal resources may be at risk from overuse. Paced use of finances and objective consideration of goals will pay off.

Ox/Cow— The Earth Ox sector in the NE of Contemplation is affected mostly by the Annual Star 1 Water, associated with Vocational pursuits. This is a good combination when you need to ‘get things done’...not so harmonious for the inner work of contemplative thought. An organised approach to work and rest is the key for Ox people in 2020.

Tiger— Wood energy of Tiger is influenced mostly by the NE Water element this year which concentrates its focused personality. Their energy will be on most of the time as they are activated to work towards an inner goal. Balance comes from maintaining healthy family connections and stability of physical health.

Rabbit/Hare— The Wood energy of Rabbit is put into action this year as the Earth Star 5 may bring uncomfortable change for aspects of family of origin or conversely their collected family may be in flux. Stability of health can be found by bringing objectivity to each encounter or experience. Danger this year resides in trying to be too much for too many. Exhaustion and central disruption to a sense of security and well-being is a definite possibility for Rabbit people who choose to be too controlling. Think ‘macro’ not ‘micro’.

Dragon— Earthy Dragon is also going to feel the energy ‘outage’ this year as Metal Star 6 produces challenges with authority figures. Instead of confrontation it is better to use your inherent power of wisdom and inner fire to create admiration from authority figures you encounter. Promote yourself as ally, not enemy.

Snake— Fire Snake loves being in the sector of Wood as it constantly feels energised. It is the fuel with the spark wrapped into one. Snake people have good stamina, work steadily and unleash short bursts of brilliance. Fire is attracted to Metal Star 6 and will use a lot of their energy towards Governance or Leadership roles. Higher Authorities will be utilising their energy for support of wealth/growth pursuits. In short, be aware of your importance to superiors, and use it strategically to gain promotion.

Horse— The Fire Horse loves to revel in how it makes people connect with the beauty of themselves, their inner heart energy, the inspirational persona they see themselves being. Star 2 will strengthen their desire to make connections and to communicate with ‘their people’. Be careful not to overdose those close to you with your brilliant charisma. This energy can help you to lift others up so they can also revel in this clarity of seeing their own perfection.

Ram/Sheep/Goat - The Fire Goat is energised by Wood Star 4. It portents a year of being pushed to express their real passions in life, and/or the beginning of a new romantic liaison. Perhaps both? It’s high ‘tunnel vision’ territory where there is a potential for overt behaviour you would not normally be totally comfortable with. You are used to being one of the flock…this year has more Yang than you’re used to dealing with. Think to yourself first, “Who will my actions affect in this situation?”, and formulate your next moves from there.

Monkey— Wood Star 4 also influences the Metal Monkey creating a combination that promotes swift, almost frightening, action. Monkey has curiosity as a gift and flaw, but this year its personality will be all about the quick reaction to any form of beauty or information. Careful observation and curbing reactive behaviour will be a year long journey. Metal is attracted to Wood, but it’s a destructive attraction. Metal will benefit from allowing itself to be warmed and softened in order to strengthen the energy of Wood, by becoming the protector and not the aggressor.

Rooster/Chicken— Fire Star 9 influences Metal Rooster giving it an aggressive input of inspiration, clarity and feeling. This can lead to an epiphany of sorts, or if unsupported, a nervous breakdown/emotional episode. Both will have a beneficial outcome, but the work is there to be engaged with. It may be the road you wouldn’t choose to take, but the only one that leads to anywhere positive.

Dog— Earth Dog is met with good fortune and stable support from the Earth Star 8. Fortuitous and potentially lucrative prospects for self development and progression in all aspects of Life.

Pig/Boar— The Water Pig also has the good fortune to be influenced by the Earth Star 8, the current Period Wealth Star, to enhance prospects for self-growth, more understanding and opportunities to meet the people already ‘up the ladder’. The challenge for Pig this year is to resist trying to make things happen. Observance and allowing the path to be revealed is the most beneficial course of action.

I hope those summaries help you enjoy planning your year and bring about fruitful endeavours.

The AIG now has a new at-a-glance Chinese Zodiac Chart (only available in the AIG) s so you can see your allies, your 'secret friend' and your opposing signs. This can assist anyone with creating liasons, assessing why there may be tension between you and another person, and how to navigate the emotional flow so that you can reach a harmonious outcome. Everything you need to know is in the 2020 AIG ! :)

Blessings for a magnificent and enlightening 2020. May all good fortune come your way.



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