June 2020 Forecast

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Welcome to the next installment of the podcast series, forecasting events and energy layers using Flying Stars Feng Shui interpretation.

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This month we can see the effect of Star 7 Influence very clearly. Propaganda is shallow speech with hidden depths. I wrote about this in September last year as I formulated the interpretations for the AIG 2020...never would I have guessed it was going to play out as a global population control experiment, ... that is working perfectly for those who are pulling the strings. We are seeing the effect of global lockdown, the fallout in society, the consequences of oppressing mass populations. It is never going to go well. We only have to look at history to know that the control is temporary until the population rebels.

However! It is never all doom and gloom. The lotus blooms from rising from the mud. Our inner beauty is not at risk. We are luminous energetic Beings full of magic and wonder. Remember that ;)

Blessings and I hope you enjoy the recording. Shut your eyes if you like. That's why I've made this an audio file...we are taking in so much with our eyes, so much screen time, that I wanted to give you the opportunity to engage differently and without the visual, so you can really feel into the information.



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