Lunar Phase Wall Chart

A stunning visual Lunar reference chart for the Feng Shui Year 2020!

Plan your high inspiration/action times and restorative/analytical episodes with lunation planning.

An at-a-glance referral chart for your office or study space; you’ll always know where we are on the cycle of energy.

Featuring the phases of the moon from February 2020 to January 2021, this will take you through the Year of the Water Rat and Metal Star 7. The simple to follow design means you will always know the level of energetic lunar influence; adjusting your plans to suit the intensity of vibrational frequency created by the Moon's affect on Earth. This helps you align with planetary energy and feel more 'in the flow'.

These are now available to order.

The Moon calendar is for practising Lunation Planning, or simply put, to take notice of the moon phase and know what that means energetically. On a Full Moon there can be a tendency to try and do too much as the energy is high....on a Dark Moon to New Moon it's a good time to reset with quiet moments if possible.

Detox or space clearing is best organised on the Last Quarter before New Moon because energy is naturally 'ebbing' at that point. In conjunction with the Flying Stars we can see there's a correlation between the intensity of their influence and our Lunar cycle too. Star 5 or 7 heightened by the Yang energy of a Full Moon will create different outcomes than it would at the quiet Yin of New Moon.

I've made the chart so you can literally glance at it, find the month, look at the date and see symbol of where the moon is in its cycle. Ta-dah!

Perfect as a decoration with meaning, it’s a representation of Water Element in Shape (irregular) and Colour (Black and Dark Blues).Place it in the central area of your home this year to create High Quality Qi.

Printed on 180gsm matte paper for glare and shine reduction, it will be easy to see from any angle and makes a beautiful addition to your office or study area.

A2 size approximately 42cm x 59.5cm

As a Print on Demand item it may take up to 7 days to deliver. POD eliminates wasteful over printing and uses paper resources wisely.

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