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Moving forward to your best skin ever

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

What are the foundations of vibrant, supple, glowing and happy skin...?

Fortifying nutrition, simple skincare and indulgent perfumery.

(in that order)

Everyone is different, but we are all humans and that gives us one level we can all meet on.

We require clean nutrition and gentle maintenance, regularly.

It has taken some time to encourage the kind of groove that produces overall good health and wellbeing, and the knock on of that is happier skin, less dermatitis outbreaks, less money spent panic-buying the 'next miracle product' and less energy going out into stress or depression. Of course this ripples out into the many facets of your life, how could it not ;)

So what's my simple formula for the best skin ever? Read on...

My routine in a snapshot:

Early morning (5-7am) is for QiGong, TaiChi or Yoga, plus TEA, water with MSM powder and sunrise staring. This sets me up to know what I want to achieve for the day. During the day I drink tonic herbs and mushroom powder blends, eat regular small meals to keep my inner fire going and my brain 'in gear' ;)

Daily skincare starts with a tepid water cleanse, patted softly with a cloth, then hydration serum, then moisturiser with broad spectrum sun protection. I rarely wear more than a lip-gloss-tint and a bit of eyebrow love.

At night it's a simple routine again with a soft powdered cleanser, soft-warm-damp cloth, hydration serum and balm of choice. I do an uber-gentle exfoliation once a week, or more if I've been wearing any make-up, with Luminous powdered cleanser. 

Even though this routine is minimalistic, it is still a routine, and some may find that this is more time than they think they have, but this is what preservation of self is. It is, 'conscious dedication'. Because I know my worth. I know I am responsible for my own health, and as a parent, my example influences several other lives!

It's everyday. It's intentional. It's working towards an outcome.

I do the same for my home, keeping it paired back, removing clutter, repairing a little each day and each week so that a seemingly massive 'job' has disappeared with the daily dedication. It is quite incredible the amount of 'stuff' we can accumulate that we don't need, will never use, and is just making our lives feel cramped. Create space and watch what happens. If you wish to invite good things to happen, you need to create the space for them to 'land'... ;) Think of that while your moving, packing or cleaning...

"I create a divine space for all High Quality Qi to enter my Life"


Products are a wonderful and convenient way of making us feel good, and you only need a small selection of things to really maintain your skin, your home and your emotions. Take a look here at the 'Know Your Skin Types' page to see what products might be helpful for you right now.

If you ever need help choosing what to order, please contact me directly via the website so I can help to navigate you.

OR, choose a Skincare Your Way Consultation and get a customised product selection tailored to your needs. There's a simply awesome Lifetime Discount that comes with those consults that will save you the investment in just a couple of orders. 


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