Natural Virus Protection Protocols

The year begins with a media deluge/hype about the coronavirus, and quite rightly a lot of people are concerned. We're already dealing with trauma-mind from months of catastrophic bushfires and that kind of distress-stress takes a toll on the whole body. However, we live with viruses each and every moment of each and every day, so we are pretty good at fighting them off, but ... when we have the potential that this is a virus that has crossed species from 'animal' to 'human', then it has the potential to be catastrophic for anyone with a lowered or at risk immune system.

The bio-engineering of viruses for vaccines carries with it potential risks of cross-contamination with animal byproducts used in the manufacture of vaccines and vaccine components that no-one, as recently admitted at the World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Safety Summit in December 2019, has started any studies into. But hey, let's just blame it on people cooking bats for food...that in itself should be an alert to the lack of hygiene and economical oppression this area of the world is experiencing, and why they have been susceptible to the outbreak of a new virus.

What can you do?

To begin with you'll need to understand your potential risk. Are you traveling overseas to affected countries? Are you socialising with people who have recently traveled or arrived from those destinations? If the answer is 'no', then your risk of contracting that particular virus is very low.

Then assess how well you are taking care of your self, as a whole being, everyday. Because illness is not just down to one airborne bacteria or one contact with a viral pathogen. Illness and disease is a collection of pathogen-meets-optimum-conditions-for-growth... that means 'you'. Are you the optimal 'host'? It's as easy as understanding why yeast grows. Give it warmth, water and sugar and it's like a will be happy and multiply.

For most healthy individuals, exposure to a virus does not equal contracting it.

Most healthy people won't even know they have been exposed, however repeated exposure to a pathogen, coupled with dehydration, poor nutrition, toxin overload, stressful conditions and climate factors, will heighten the potential for infection and illness.

The basic protocols for virus / pathogen protection are simple:

  • Good physical hygiene - wash hands with water and dry with a clean cloth. Soap is optional. Use a sanitising spray with a selection of antibacterial essential oils or just plain vodka with water if you are EO sensitive. I never use an 'antibacterial gel' as it is made with a host of synthetics and that won't help your immune system. Clean food preparation areas routinely and use filtered water always.

  • Wear a breathing mask if you are around people who are coughing or sneezing. If you frequent public transport, or public places, you will find it necessary to wear a light breathing mask to limit your contact with airborne contaminants. Wash the mask each day in a solution of antibacterial oils or vodka plus water as advised above for the sanitising spray. Don't use detergents as they contain respiratory irritants.

  • Avoid tourism hot-spots if possible. There are always plenty of don't have to follow the herd ;) Embrace a quieter space in life and find joy in solitude a little more often.

  • Avoid sugary foods. Pathogens love sugar. That includes breads, cakes, biscuits (as our bodies make sugar from carbs) and alcohol. Reduce acidic foods like dairy, meat, coffee and all processed sugars.

  • Boost your chlorophyll intake, ... that's your greens. Chlorophyll helps you absorb Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin C (plus a host of vital, minerals)...all necessary for strong immune system function. A Spirulina or Chlorella supplement will help you feel more energetic and help you naturally detox too.

  • Don't overwork. Easier said than done but would you rather take an hour to reset your body or an hour in a GP waiting room? or a week off work? Yep, makes sense to prioritise YOU.

  • Avoid known contaminants like heavy metals (yep, you know what they're in; vaccines, unfiltered tap water and pesticides) as they reduce our ability to fight off infection and cause multiple, long-term, neural injury.

My personal fortifiers are herbal and dietary, lifestyle choice and mindset.

  • I drink lots of tea using certified organic ingredients only. 3PM Glow (rosehips and rosella for high vit C content and antioxidants) in the afternoon and Divine Green (antioxidant and energising) in the morning. I slug down weak, cold infusions of Bliss & Flow blend regularly to remain calm and fortified. Making a large batch of this every couple of days and decanting into glass bottles for refrigeration means I tend not to reach for juice, which would increase my sugar intake. I'm particularly sensitive to high sugar loads and avoid it.

  • I reduce starchy and sugary foods. I increase leafy greens and salad vegetables. I'm mostly dairy free but will reduce this to nil if I experience any respiratory symptoms.

  • I make time to unwind, get the kinks out and enjoy my life without constant pressure from outside forces. (even the military recognises the need for R&R, so should you)

  • I encourage myself to read responsible reporting and not take in too much sensationalised journalism. That is, switch off mainstream news, because it's not news, it's corporate propaganda.

  • I use complimentary therapies like massage with aromatherapy, meditation and walking, contemplation and planning, to provide for my whole body, mind and spirit.

  • I drink only filtered water and do not use personal hygiene products that are laced with synthetics. This reduces my overall 'toxic burden' and gives me more energy to stay healthy naturally. I do not voluntarily engage with general medicine and instead rely upon regular chiropractic maintenance and naturalistic health initiatives.

So in the spirit of calm and educated observance, I suggest you take care of yourself well and enjoy life more.

My methods for maintaining good health are personal choices that I have made with a considerable amount of research and observation. If you are not used to making your own health choices this can seem a confronting proposition. So I have a proviso: Never take any herbal remedy or pharmaceutical without researching it yourself. Never take any medication, alternative or otherwise, without first consulting your trusted health practitioner. If your trusted health practitioner cannot answer your questions sufficiently, and back it up with recent documentation, then think again about how much you trust their advice.

I can't tell you the amount of misinformation there is out there. It is up to you to do your research, reach your own educated opinion, and make choices based on your knowledge. In taking on the challenge of responsible self-care I wish you well and improved well-ness each and every day.



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