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Deliciously soft and aromatic, Magic Earth Mumma Perfume Balms are made from pure botanicals: infusions, essential oils, resins, absolutes and macerations, they contain only botanical ingredients (and sometimes they're infused with specific Crystal frequencies too!).

Read more about the Perfumes from MEM here. Each sample is individually packaged in a biodegradable glassine envelope with a descriptive card.

Choose the solid perfume option from any of the Organic Perfume Oil styles. Perfume Balms are a luxurious blend of Wild-crafted Beeswax (not specifically vegan, but this wax comes from an abandoned hive), Certified Organic Jojoba and your scent of choice. The sampler envelopes contain enough balm for about 3 applications (approximately 1.5g each), which will be enough to try out the aroma over a couple of days, or enjoy it as a fragrance booster for an evening out, or take it with you on a special occasion, or collate a selection as a special gift.

To enjoy your solid perfume balm, apply a small amount to your inner wrist and allow your body heat to gently diffuse the fragrance. The wonderful thing about solid perfumes is that they increase the longevity of your natural perfume, which is one of the main issues when anyone is transitioning from mainstream perfumes (laden with synthetic and toxic fragrance chemicals).

Anyone who is used to synthetic fragrance finds that the nourishing botanicals are simply absorbed quickly by their skin. This is a sign that your skin is dramatically dry! Natural perfumes are a blend of pure essential oils and a carrier oil (usually) and this is pure 'skinfood'. No wonder anyone coming from mainstream products says their natural perfume doesn't last long...their skin is probably starving for nutrients...

MEM Subscribers have a wonderful special offer to pick up when they order 3 or more Perfume Balm samples, plus other perks as well ;)

Try a few out with your next order of holistic skincare or non-toxic personal care.




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