Skincare Aware Survey - your opportunity to get ingredient savvy

What is the survey is about?

It's about finding out exactly what is in the products you're using now and what that means for your health and wellbeing. I don't think toxic chemicals in our personal care products are used intentionally to harm anyone, but the fact remains that the majority of synthetic ingredients in foaming and smoothing formulations (cleansers and conditioners: hair or skin) contain ingredients that are not good for our health, and have not been tested in combination with each other. Some are bioaccumulative, meaning that the body does not know how to, or simply cannot, remove them naturally. When toxins accumulate in an organism it leads to...'toxification'...disease, illness etc. When so much of these toxins are found in our personal care products it's easy to see why so many people are suffering from skin issues and find it difficult to treat them with mainstream products.

My skin health turned around dramatically when I began to use absolutely soapfree formulations and then increased improving when I started to make pure botanical formulations that combined botanical oils and flours to create cleansing powders. When you are NOT adding water to any formulation you are eliminating the excessive use of water and the chemical preservatives used to keep that water quotient safe for use and keep the product integrity. Did you ever realise that a majority of cleansers 'on the shelf' are water based formulations with a hefty amount of chemical preservative? If you're looking for a change, a solution, an alternative; try one of these out for free.

Take the opportunity to discover the world of truly soap free skincare.

The Skincare Aware Survey is a downloadable file containing a short survey about your skincare routine and chosen or advised skincare products. Please provide the brand and style if you can as this enables me to research the ingredients profile and help you understand exactly what you are currently putting on your skin. You can print out the survey, or use your phone or tablet to fill in the responses and email or msg it back to me. (I very much appreciate your time and focus and will keep your responses confidential. MEM never shares personal information with any third parties, ever)

For more information visit the IGTV channel for MEM where I've posted a few short videos on this topic.

I won't be able to offer this kind of free research for an extended time, so if you are interested in knowing what is in your products, please jump over to the survey listing now and secure your opportunity.

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