Skincare Basics, the concept of conscious self-care.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

What is real 'clean/green/cruelty-free/natural' and what do those terms really mean?

With Skincare Basics, an interactive four-session workshop, Jannette Tibbs, Owner/Product Developer and Maker at Magic Earth Mumma, will lead your through the terminology used in the beauty industry and what it all means so that you can choose more consciously, and with better awareness, exactly the kinds of skincare and personal maintenance products you want to use everyday.

Throughout the workshop you'll be gaining better insight into the ingredients used in mainstream products and how that compares to 'real clean', 'green', botanical ingredients. I'll be helping to answer questions like,

What does it mean when the label says 'certified organic product'?

I'm buying a 'natural' product,...isn't that enough?

Surely they wouldn't allow a potentially dangerous product onto the shelves?

It says it's cruelty-free and has the logo, that's good isn't it?

How do I choose essential oils that are safe for skin?

Walking out of this workshop you'll have a clear understanding of what 'natural' means within the context of beauty, skincare, bodycare and aromatherapy. You'll also leave with your own handmade, holistic skincare regime, and the recipes to turn the simple formulations into amazing spa-at-home blends for indulgence and weekly maintenance. The best thing is that you will have made those products yourself and have gained the confidence, knowledge and ability to remake them anytime you want to.

The workshop is for those who are keen to :

  • clean up their skincare regime with wholesome, botanical goodness

  • reduce toxic burden and feel healthier with ease

  • make simple changes with far reaching benefits by understanding Holistic Skincare protocols

  • be a part of a global natural-kind-clean-green skincare movement

  • know how to look for the best ingredients

  • make skincare that is right for their skin in any season or situation

  • acquire knowledge to use and pass on to the next generation

  • create fantastic eco-conscious products that have zero impact on the environment

  • gain access to MEM's in-house botanical infusions

Book in as a group of between 6 and 8 and I'll come to your place to present the workshop. All ingredients, utensils, packaging and labelling are supplied. (alternatively,workshops are also being organised for Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland, so stay tuned for more info on those)

All I need is a kitchen bench, a sink and a stove-top. It's suitable for all ages approximately 16 years and up and am fine with younger siblings or teenage children attending to just watch how it's all done and listen to the information. I'm available for workshops in the SE Qld area, and will travel about an hour from my base in Logan.

Everyone's skin is different; and will change through seasons, life situations and with maturing, so learning how to make customised skincare that's simple and effective will save you money, time and effort for years and years to come.

Learn how to completely understand ingredient labels, identify synthetics from botanical products, dismiss misleading hype marketing and hone in on exactly the thing you want for your personal care.

Looking forward to seeing you at a workshop soon! Dates are filling up so if you would like to book an end-of-year workshop for friends, family, colleagues or groups, please contact Jannette to discuss a date that suits. Read more about the workshops...




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