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Vitamin C a Health Essential

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Ah Spring,...early Summer, this 'hot and stormy' season...whatever we may be experiencing. Here in SE Qld, this time of year is when we have the downpours, the light shows, the impetus to get all the garden furniture secured and candle supply organised. It's kind of exciting and I personally grok the lightning and thunder vibe. I find it clearing and invigorating, much like the frequency of Spring itself.

Spring is the perfect time for a reset, detox and balance-up of your skincare and wellness regime (anytime is the perfect time really).

One of the best detox helpers we can include in our retinue of assistance is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for skin health as it helps to reduce free radical damage from everyday pollutants and exposure to UV light. It also assists with collagen production which is important for supporting our dermal integrity and maintaining a strong barrier function. But the body doesn't make Vitamin C so we need to apply it topically and take it systemically from our food and drinks. Supplementing with Vitamin C is also helpful if you're feeling flagged, fatigued or in a bit of a health rut because it can help to increase our energy levels, which will in turn help with clear thought and better decision making abilities. Did you know: Vitamin comes from the term 'vital mineral'... and not only because they are vital to our health but also that they need in themselves to be 'vital'; 'full of energy'. Vitamin C applied regularly in our everyday products along with supporting vitamins like A and E and fatty acids, produces the best results, as it helps the natural detox processes and replenishes this vital component in our skin's cells. The same can be said for systemic use as it will help to cleanse our organs and digestive tract, taking pressure off our largest organ, the skin and it's underlying structure, the fascia. All that connective tissue that is like the communication hub between our skin and musculo-skeletal system.

It's important to understand the basic construction and biological mechanisms of our body to appreciate how amazing it is and grasp the significance of maintaining nutrient replenishment.

We require the synergistic interaction of antioxidants to create beneficial reactions needed for a strong, healthy, active immune system. As our skin is a direct reflection of internal health, it makes sense to bolster and cleanse ourselves internally as we repair and maintain ourselves externally. Gentle everyday products from @MagicEarthMumma rich in Vitamin C are: Radiant Botanical Mist Peace Botanical Mist Skin Elixir Facial Oil Oh My Greeness Hemp Seed Conditioning Elixir Petal Silk Nutrient Salve Tea Silk Brightening Salve SkinDew HA Hydration Serum Illusion Aloe Gel Cleanser

The 3PM Glow Herbal Tea

Epic Red Chai Herbal Tea

Divine Green Herbal Tea

These products contain ingredients like Kakadu Plum Extract, Virgin Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosehip, Rosella (Hibiscus), Hemp Seed Oil, Kiwi Seed Oil, Acai Oil and Green Tea, all known for their rich Vitamin C content, plus other skin loving vital minerals and fats and acids.

Try Divine Green or 3PM GLOW tea cooled as a soak for your relaxing facial compress.


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