The 3 Day Rehydration Intensive

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

With the cold winter weather and the westerly winds whipping about over the last few weeks my skin had been showing those all too familiar signs of papery dryness, even though I'd consider my skin regime packed full of skin nutrients and I use a completely soap-free and synthetic-free regime. However, you can't fight nature and you can't avoid chlorinated water supplies (mostly). These two things have a negative impact upon the skin's protective mantle and can promote premature ageing, or skin symptoms that make us feel less than the divine beings we are ;) Mainstream use of soap and soap-like products exacerbates this problem and dries out skin further leading to issues like dermatitis and flaky skin.

I took these photos when I first began to use hydration intensives. I didn't really 'know' what I was doing at the time would become a kind of therapy that I'd instigate on a regular basis. These photos from left to right show my skin over a period of about year. Regular nourishing from botanical ingredients helped to plump up my skin, give it better tone and even out pigmentation from over exposure to sun and four pregnancies.

Phases of natural skincare and the effects of hydration

To reset the protective mantle of acids and oils on the skin's surface I chose a 3 day intensive moisture treatment regime using only oil cleansing and a waterfree salve. When you take skincare back to the simplest form it can produce dramatic results. Why? because by focusing on providing skin with exactly what it needs 'now' we can produce catalytic benefits at exactly the right time. For example, in hot weather switching to a misting/spritzing regime with Aloe Vera (or other light botanical gel) based cleansing and keeping oils to a necessary level is good. In dry, cold weather the intensive infusion of nutritional oils is what most skin types will require. Dietary considerations are also necessary. I take Evening Primrose Oil to keep my skin, hair and nails good as well as providing me with support each month during menses.

For my 3 Day Rehydration Intensive I chose to use SHIMMER Multipurpose Oil as my cleanser in conjunction with the Organic Facial Cloth, and for feeding the skin as well as adding a protective barrier I chose the magic of BLESSING Restorative Salve. These two can do all the cleansing and moisturizing you need to feed your skin and provide that plump & dewy look that is the sign of healthy, happy skin. Both products utilise the skin conditioning benefits of Frankincense and Patchouli, with pure botanical oils and ingredients that are as luxurious as they are necessary.

Daily Routine

Morning: The body oil you have on your skin in the morning is enough to moisturise with and don't be worried that this oil has any 'dirt' in it. While you have slept your body has released *Squalane (antioxidant and precursor to cholesterol) into the Sebum (our naturally produced body oil) that is on the surface of your skin each morning. Before washing your face to wake up, use your fingertips or knuckles to give your face a light massage.

> Start from the middle of your eye sockets rolling fingertips around the top of the eye socket towards the temples. Repeat for the lower rim of the eye socket.

>Then from the sides of the nose outwards and upwards to the sides of the face; the middle of the brows outwards and upwards; the jawline outwards and upwards and finish with light strokes from the collarbones upwards to the ears and jawline.

> After massaging apply a warm wet cloth to your face and neck using no oil at all. Gently wipe your face and neck with the warm wet cloth and breathe slowly. The massage and warm compress encourages blood and lymph flow and helps to give your complexion a natural healthy glow.

*Squalane the same kind of nutrient as 'Squalene' derived from Olives and other botanical material, or shark liver, which is an active ingredient in most 'anti-ageing' products, so why buy it when your body produces it? And why would you wash that away if it's on your skin ready to be used each morning?)

If you need to apply make up you may want to wait a few minutes for the Shimmer oil to absorb completely. Apply a safe sun protection like EVERYDAY SOLARBALM to prevent premature ageing and sun damage. Use AU NATUREL for soft lips, tamed eyebrows and nourished cuticles anytime.

Evening: To remove make up or sun protection you may need to use some coconut oil and/or powdered cleanser and a warm wet cloth. After this you can return to your oil cleansing protocol. Using a small amount of SHIMMER oil massage it gently onto the face and neck. Splash-rinse with warm water (not hot). Pat gently with a soft cloth. Apply BLESSING Restorative Salve now while your skin is clean and damp. Before bed, if your skin is feeling tight or dry, apply a little more BLESSING and repeat the massage that you did in the morning. Inhale the aromatics of Blessing salve as they are calming and relaxing.

You may also like to use an exfoliation treatment once or twice a week. I use HALO Skin Ritual Polish to remove dead surface layers and promote new skin. I also make a masque once a week using ILLUSION Cleansing Gel with either HALO or CRYSTAL CLEAR Skin Ritual Scrub and enjoy helping my body relax and my skin regenerate. You can get both of those scrubs as sample sizes and see if that works for you too.

Because I practice Holistic Skincare protocols I know that toxins play a large role in your skin's appearance. You can do lots of practical things to reduce toxin build up. Obviously avoiding toxin laden personal products is the basic starting point, but also remember to drink lots of water to help your body detoxify naturally. Having a luke-warm drink during the early morning and towards lunch is marvellous for helping your body to feel energised. If you can make this water infused with Green Tea and other beautiful herbals (like Divine Green Herbal Tea) then you're doing a double dose of goodness. Take time to breathe deeply of the aromatics you use when drinking teas or applying natural aromatic products. They have a beneficial effect on our senses and extra oxygen is always a great thing for skin and overall well-being.

At around 3pm our body's organs naturally begin to eliminate toxins. We can support this process using The 3PM Glow Herbal Tea blend. It has White Peony Leaf, Rose Petals, Vanilla Bean, Rosehips and Hibiscus flowers so it's a delicious drink too. This combination supports a healthy body and promotes clear skin while all along you're getting the added benefit of extra hydration. I suggest drinking 1L to 2L of infused 3PM Glow every day from 3pm to 4pm during the Rehydration Intensive. You'll only need 1 heaped teaspoon of tea blend to infuse one litre of warm water. I do this by adding half a litre of boiled water to half a litre of filtered or purified water. I then add that to my tea and infuse it for around 10minutes. This can be brewed again, so you see it's very cost effective and easy to prepare.

And stress takes a toll. Did you know your body can use nearly double the amount of water when distressed? That means it needs to take that water away from other areas of your body...your organs specifically. We may also have increased sweating when distressed or under emotional pressure. Re-hydrating is a start but also taking actions to reduce stressful situations and re-balancing after stressful events are all part of taking care of your skin. MEM's go to for panic, stress and imbalance is ABRACADABRA Aromatherapy blend. It uses a combination of grounding and calming essential oils in a base of Vanilla infused Jojoba to produce a balanced and relaxed state of emotions. Apply a drop to pulse points and inhale as needed to achieve calm, centred and grounded feelings. I suggest applying one drop to the soles of the feet just before bed to encourage a restorative sleep.

You can now purchase the 3 Day Rehydrating Intensive as a Gift Pack with free shipping Australia-wide!

Any questions please Contact me :)




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