The Feng Shui of a pandemic...

In the Annual Influences Guide 2020, I gave this introduction to the nature of Star 7 Influence which is 2020's 'ruling energy'...

"The Annual Influence of 2020 is the Metal Star 7 25th January 2020 to February 11, 2021 Childlike Honesty | Intuitive Speaking Hidden Depths | Cloaked Foundations | Weakness as Disguise Transformation | Phoenixing | Destruction & Rebirth Pleasurable Pursuits | Politics & Entertainment | Stealth Survival

The Ruling Star is Star 7, Metal, representing Joy, Pleasure, Destruction. It is a Metal Element but also represented by Fire and the colour Red due to it’s association with Autumn. It is the ‘ending’ of a cycle, the time of a constricting energetic spiral towards Winter, in anticipation of the rebirth of Spring. There’s a lot going on with Star 7!"

Well, yes, "a lot going on" was possibly the most accurate forecast I've ever suggested! But bear with me, this is going to get 'wordy'...but first up, a tiny bit of background on the method I use to do this forecasting...

Feng Shui started as an ancient form of forecasting beneficial time keeping by nomadic tribes in the vast Asian continent...then it was used to develop military campaign planning for the ruling monarchs. It helped the elite with indications of energy they could use, or deflect, to increase their success and power. These monarchs and overlords consulted the nomadic tribespeople's wise elders, referred to as the Sages. Their observations were collated and became the 'IChing', or 'Book of Changes' that is the source of not only Flying Stars but also Traditional Chinese Medicine. Flying Stars Feng Shui is the closest form of Feng Shui associated with that ancient form of 'info-sharing' between the nomadic tribespeople and their ruling elite. It tracks energy, or 'Influences', over Time and Space, associating energy with a Direction, a personality, and Element (or 'Agent') and much more. There are charts for time periods (eras), yearly energy, monthly energy all the way down to days and hours and minutes.... So for the last few weeks I've been considering the role of the Annual (yearly) Influence for 2020 and how it has framed or at the very least, encouraged, the reality we are in right now.

For those who prefer to listen to information, I have a small podcast recorded about this topic.
Download it from Dropbox via this link here.

In February 2020 the Star 7 influence officially came into power, but, in March it is doubled as the Monthly and Annual influence. This kind of occurrence is usually flagged with an 'alert' in Flying Stars Feng Shui as it means the energy present for the month is heightened/strengthened/potent. Also, the placement of the Annual Star in the Centre of the Bagua combines specifically to health, stability and security. All three of those aspects of Life have been absolutely affected by the pandemic caused by the Corona virus. However it is the swiftness of the actions by collective governments all over the world that has caught my speaks of a hidden agenda. Why? because the 'usual flu' kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year, yet this is the first mobilised action we've ever seen on a global scale. Personally, I find it unsettling, intriguing and slightly oppressive, a little dystopian. Regardless of anyone's conspiracy theories or paranoia, it is a wake-up for anyone believing that their government acts independently, or that they don't live in a global, economic, corporate-run system.

March 2020 and December 2020 Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart. This shows The Ruling Star 7 (hidden meaning, thoracic cavity (where your lungs and windpipe are located), destruction) in the Centre combining with the Base Bagua Star 5 (uncomfortable change / pure potential). Certainly has a lot going on!
March 2020 and December 2020 Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart. This shows The Ruling Star 7 (hidden meaning, thoracic cavity (where your lungs and windpipe are located), destruction) in the Centre combining with the Base Bagua Star 5 (uncomfortable change / pure potential). Certainly has a lot going on!

March 2020 and December 2020 Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart. This shows The Ruling Star 7 (hidden meaning, thoracic cavity (where your lungs and windpipe are located), destruction) in the Centre combining with the Base Bagua Star 5 (uncomfortable change / pure potential).

Add to that the double up of Star 5 in the Preparation (or the traditionally named 'Health & Family') sector. Yep!, ... in March, Star 5, known as the 'agent of uncomfortable Change' (really), doubled its energetic influence in the Life Aspect of Health & Family. Each sector of the Bagua represents a direction with Centre being the point from which Heaven and Earth energy radiate in all directions. Who could have predicted that it meant self-isolation and quarantine? Well, *nobody. Regardless of who, what, where and when,'s here and so is the fear and hysteria.

"PROTECT WHAT IS PRECIOUS, INNOCENT AND POWERFUL The very energy of this Influence speaks of something ‘hidden’, of strengths ‘beneath the surface’ and using a disguise (outward appearance) to hide something beneath. While this all comes across as very covert, it is the way that many societies exist within the larger system of government or ‘society’ that we may belong to but not wholly agree with being a part of." 2020AIG.

I'm flowing with the current on this whole experience. If it some megalomaniac's long term plan playing out, well, I haven't the resources to stop it, but I trust in the concept that for every force there is an equal and opposite force. This is balance, and this is our universal operating system. Life on our planet, in our galaxy, is constantly in a state of evolution, change, imbalance and rebalance. We experience this yearly as seasonal changes, and throughout our lifetime as the energy of each era, be it environmental, political or social.

"RESEARCH AS A REFLEX ACTION In commerce we may see the rise of innocuous, unthreatening and playful themes coming through. They will of course hold a deeper meaning and need investigation. My advice is to take nothing on first impressions and to research ‘as a reflex action’. Politics as entertainment drive this kind of influence as they make their way into every facet of our lives. The same kinds of technology and psychology used to make our products more appealing, user friendly, and market them to the masses, are used in our entertainment and politics. Propaganda IS Star 7, and we can be sure that it will be deployed extensively during a Metal 7 year. Star 7 is also ‘magic’ because it relates to the power of the unseen, the mystery of words having deeper meanings, and of speaking to create illusions." 2020AIG.

"Politics as entertainment..." so how much of the world's population are tuning in to news channels or endlessly scrolling social media at the moment? The time is ripe for propaganda, increased anxiety, aggression and prejudice. "The same kinds of technology and psychology used to make our products more appealing, user friendly, and market them to the masses, are used in our entertainment and politics. Propaganda IS Star 7, and we can be sure that it will be deployed extensively during a Metal 7 year."

While our leaders and peers run about contradicting their advice and exposing their ineptness for the position they were elected to, we as individuals and family groups owe it to our communities to develop and evolve in contrast to the predictions. Vigilance in the face of adversity may be our only defense in a world gone into shock. Showing up and showing how you are maintaining health, sanity and an abundance mindset will be inspiring for other people affected by the current world-wide control experiment.

Holistic Feng Shui tips for 2020:

  1. Increase your awareness of security in all forms. Physically for your body (health & wellness) and your home (locks, security protocols) but also mental and emotional health via abstaining from sensationalism of any kind. Understand your rights and assist others to be aware of their personal security. Become INFORMED about medical treatments and think logically about the sovereignty of your Being.

  2. Examine the areas of the North, East and Centre of your home and property. Remove any Low Level Qi (uncleaned spaces, junk, unloved or unwanted items, etc). Physically clean and tidy these spaces with non-toxic cleaning agents (essential oils, water, vinegar, bicarb soda).

  3. Cleanse the energy frequency of these spaces with incense, diffused essential oils and sound (bells, temple music, piano music). In your mind, visualise these spaces being 'washed' with pure white light.

  4. Bless your home with prayer, chanting or mantra; whatever you are most comfortable with. You can do this silently if you wish, holding the blessings in your mind for a few minutes now and again when you get quiet moments.

Moving into April, we will see an increase in contentious energy and mass confusion. There are energetic combinations forming in various sectors during April that can heighten the occurrence of fighting, arguing, headaches and confusion. There are multiple combinations to be wary of and more information is given on them in the 2020 AIG.

This distraction method is going to be a test for many as we navigate this new way of living. Breath and assess before reacting to anything. The mass of misinformation is being outed daily. Mainstream news is funded by corporations that will benefit from so many aspects of the pandemic story being forcefed to the world. Remain vigilant in times like these. The outcome that is trying to be effected is one of mass panic because that will give governing bodies the excuse to introduce martial law. Remain calm and in control. Know that we are safe and we do have enough of everything to go around. Continue acting kindly towards everyone you encounter and encourage more conversation about truth, unbiased information and transparency from governing bodies.

More Attention, Compassion and Organisation

However, let me be very clear... influenza virus kills. The most at risk are the elderly, health-compromised (heart, respiratory, kidney, liver conditions, cancer patients) and immune deficient. They have been, and always will be, the ones in society that we must take care of with more attention, compassion and organisation. So this self-isolation? I'm fine with that. Stopping people going to work for an indeterminate time? Erm...logically, it has to be for a particular period of time and with strict controls on hygiene when employees return work. Mandating compulsory medicinal controls on vast populations? (yep, it's planned already, let's not be naive), I'm absolutely not complying with that. I've spent most of my life detoxing from invasive health protocols mandated by general medicine. I will NOT have any governmental authority putting my health at risk again. What I am doing is following the same health protocols I usually follow.

  • fortifying my immune system with proven herbal medicine and cleansing regularly/detoxing

  • taking Rescue Remedy each day to alleviate the overwhelm and a Crystal Essence Mist to transmute positive ions from electrical appliances and wi-fi.

  • putting essential oil blends on the soles of my feet each night to help reset my Root Chakra (the Earth has gone through reset since 2004 but most of the population are not aligned with the new frequency she is vibrating at - therefore, resetting your Root Chakra is extremely beneficial) and aid restful sleep (Abracadabra or Astral Traveler are my most adept at making sound sleep a reality)

  • misting with a blend of essential oils and essences to protect and fortify the energy body (the aura)

  • physically cleansing my home with non-toxic home made cleansing agents (Prosper blend, Rescue blend, hot water, white vinegar, bicarb soda, salt)

  • maintaining regular household routine cleaning and organisation - checking areas for accumulated items that are broken, dirty, unloved/unwanted/not-needed.

  • regularly performing Space Clearing ceremonies with pure incense (I'm putting together a Space Clearing Kit!) and daily removing unwanted energy layers (transitional or lifestyle) with diffused essential oils (Woodkin, Key Qi are the best for this)

Basically I'm making sure that Low Level Qi is not able to 'linger' or pool in my home or around my property and ensuring that High Quality Qi are being invited into my body, aura, home and life. Blessings for a smooth evolution into this next era. It is going to involve much adaptation and for some, real losses. For most of us it can be used to invite positive change and that is where I am personally focusing my energy.

Sarva Mangalam - May All Be Auspicious


Keep on looking for those silver linings! :)

What is Covid19 and what is a coronavirus?

*Maybe the companies who'd been trying to file patents for a 'corona virus' since 2006? Remember how I caution everyone to 'do your research'...this is why). Here's another patent link. What this shows is that 'coronavirus' is not a new thing. It's a flu strain. Like last year's flu was horrendous, so is this year's flu strain. Horrendous. A killer of old and infirm, those 'at risk' and also those who have previously had a flu vaccination. For anyone interested in the nitty gritty of research, read this here, and here.

Breaking news that's informed, researched, unbiased and independent can be obtained. If you are interested please take a look at Highwire Talk on this link here. They haven't been shut down yet (and it's been tried before but failed) and currently talking about the scamdemic we are in, with evidence. So if you've been feeling like me, as if we're all living in some weird alternate, dystopian universe at the moment, this kind of information will help you feel less like you're going nuts and far more validated with your rational thinking. Here's to the #freethinkers.

#stopwatchingthenews #fengshuiforecast #higherliving

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